Friday, October 12, 2012

Odd Dreams and Stray Cats

I just made this particular baby hat yesterday and felt like I had to list it this morning.  It is preemie to newborn size in a grey marl and baby blue stripe with the grey marl rosette on top.  It can be found in my shop for sale as of today.

I made it thinking of a particular blogger that suggest I make one in blue and grey.  J just loves this hat.  Wonder if he'll want me to make him the adult version of it next.

My dreams were really odd last night.  I was pregnant, maybe 5 months, but my cousin who had a hysterectomy was was near her due date and throwing a pool party too in the dream. 

I must have baby on the brain.  I know I don't have a baby in me yet because the HPTs keep showing negative.  Well it is still early.  My blood test isn't until Tuesday but I won't be around for those results so I'm bumping it up to Monday.  Hopefully that doesn't screw things up.  No real symptoms.

Today I saw another stray cat in the neighborhood.  I have seen the orange and buff colored one in over a week.  This one was a skinny black and white kitty.  Why aren't they being better taken care of.  They are almost always on the other side of the street too.  No they don't belong to my neighbors since their cats I know by color and they are kept indoors. 

The weather is getting too cold overnight for these cats to be wandering around looking for shelter.


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