Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Masticating On The Phone

I just added this preemie to newborn sized hat to my shop today.  Matching booties are in the bootie section.

Well this leads me to the title of my blog post to speak about.

Over the weekend I purchased 12 skeins of yarn to make more baby items for my shop.  I just can't help but feed my yarn addiction folks.

Yesterday via UPS my replacement skein of yarn arrived.  A month ago I had purchased 7 skeins of yarn and one was defective.  I called up the company that made the yarn and they said they would send out a replacement skein.

I opened the package that arrived yesterday.  I read the invoice.  I used to work for a factory where I had to fill invoice requests.  I noted the numbers on the skein and verified that they sent me the wrong skein.  Kind of figured they did when  the color was wrong.  Looked again and the style was wrong too.  Ugh!

Today I called up the company and spoke with a representative after being on hold for only 10 minutes.  Hey they are getting faster!  The hold music and automated voice was nice and clear.  The representative picked up and it sounded like she was masticating over the phone.

I mentioned to her that it was hard to hear her like she was chewing on something.  She said she had no clue why the sound was so bad.  It was off and on just like she was chewing.  I realize that the call center people do get dry throats and chew on gum or candy but this sounded  more like lunch.  Don't they get lunch away from their phones?

Representative said she would have the correct replacement yarn sent out to me soon.  Here is hoping she heard me over her masticating.  I know when I chew I don't always hear things correctly either.


  1. wow so unprofessional, and then to play it off like you arnt a grown woman who knows whats going on is insulting

    1. I'm learning that there a lot of folks out there that just don't give a darn and love to lie.


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