Friday, October 5, 2012

Pain in the Groin

I posted this item in my shop this morning.  It is the 6th Armored Cavalry patch subdued.  But of course it is acrylic and a key chain.  Not bad for hand drawn and painted if I do say so myself.

I went through all my items in my shop today and listed the shipping to Canada costs.  I will probably list the UK costs but I'm really afraid that folks are going to make an exclamation about the cost.  Really it isn't my fault.  The price of postage is crazy.  Oh and I don't always figure in my cost of tape, packaging, and fuel to get it to the post office though I will start doing so according to ETSY policy suggestions.

I woke up this morning at 0430 hrs with a bad pain in my inner right thigh muscle group.  It feels like I was trying to do splits or something near to them with the type of pain.  I think I have a pulled groin muscle or tendon.  Of course I wasn't doing splits.  I have no clue why the pain is there.  Endo or Fibro pain doesn't usually cause a pulled muscle type pain as far as I know.  Anyone have a clue?

I had to have J fetch my cane so I could walk.  I try to not use my cane in the house all that much but today is one of the days that I need it.

After putting a hot rice bag on the muscle groups for 15 minutes while trying to stretch I had some relief.  Since I did that, two hours have now passed, the pain has returned and I'm back to limping badly without using the cane.

Maybe I did too much walking in the hospital yesterday?  I did managed to do one flight of stairs.  The pain is felt most acutely when I adduct while lying down or abduct when trying to turn.  Odd I know.
 Here is a link to the issue:   I'm thinking after reading it most likely it was brought on by the fibromyalgia.

Not to worry I was only at the hospital yesterday for my optometry appointment.  I have to go back again later this month.  Next eye appointment is for a field of vision test.  I did the same test two years ago.  The optic nerve still looks healthy after examination with the eyes dilated.  My astigmatism has changed a bit in the right eye and I need thinner lenses.  I don't need bifocals as of yet.  The eye doctor is okay with me taking my glasses off to read in bed.

Later this month, after my field of vision test, I'll see about looking at new spectacles.  The pair I have is now two years old and has seen better days.  Longest I've gone on a pair of spectacles is four years.  I was pretty good about touching up the paint on the frame too. 


  1. Have the prices of shipping gone up to off set the influence of e-mail etc?

    1. I suspected that electronic mail does indeed have an influence over the cost of services provided by the United States Postal Service. Also inflation and recession however it still hurts a small business.

  2. Stupid pain. You just can't get a break :(

    Btw, your Etsy widget is adorable so I'm gonna steal it!

    1. Sonja, my left hand is swollen up at the knuckles today and hurts like a dickens when I try to use the afflicted area to type or grasp. I know I didn't do squat to it that I don't usually do to it. It has to be the quick cold spell we had the last couple of days.

      By all means utilize the gadget. Now if only I could remember where I got it from so that I could share the link with you.


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