Monday, October 1, 2012

Hopeful For Something Good

I posted this key chain in my shop this morning.  I think of my dad when I see that patch and especially when I see this key chain.  My dad was in the 82nd Airborne back in the early 60's.

Today was the appointment with the RE.  I didn't do another OPK.  No sense in wasting it as I was soon to get some scientific evidence of my ovulation.

Dr.C. was on today.  He inserted the wand and I had a bit of discomfort.  No cysts.  Yay!  I really think my modified Endo Diet is really helping.

My uterine lining was 12mm.  Yikes!  If I get a period in 14 or so days it's going to hurt as bad as the last cycles.

But it's good that it's so fluffy Dr.C. and Nurse M told me.  I have follicles.  Yes, follicles as in plural.  Unmedicated friends.  I did it all on my own again.  Looks like I should ovulated for sure in the next 24 hours.  Bring on the sex.  We've been practicing every night for the past three days.  I know we are depleting the numbers but I look at this way...more bombs to hit the target rich environment over several days.

I have a 21 mm follicle that looks perfectly normal on the right side.

I have a 26 mm follicle on the left that again looks perfectly normal.

I have a third one but he didn't measure it as he said it looked too small to be of any good.

Dr.C. was pleasantly surprised and had hope for us for this cycle since my body is now responding normally for two full cycles.

I reminded him I'm old.  I told him I doubt the eggs are any good.  He said that my body has to at some time produce a few good ones so why not one of these.  He was the doctor that did my two IVFs so he knows that I do occasionally have a good egg.

I talked to him about progesterone support and getting the P4 done next week Monday.  He agreed to the test but doubted I'd need the progesterone.  I said it's for the endometriosis since it can be quite painful to have a bleed.  He understood that part especially with my lining being 12 mm and the size of the clots I said I had passed.  He'll decide after the P4 results.

I told him that we'd still like to do donor eggs if J can re-enlist.  He, the one who originally suggested we consider doing donor eggs, thought now that we might not need it.  WTF?

So okay I'm going into my two week wait tomorrow.  He didn't do a blood draw today to check the E2 or P4.  The follicles didn't show signs of collapsing in yet.  I'm guessing tonight it is time to send in the sperm to hold hostage the eggs.  Wish us luck.


  1. Good luck. It be awesome if you did not need DE and got pregnant on your own :-)

    1. Well it would be a blessing. Of course then there is the whole worry of aged eggs causing mutant kids.

  2. Look at your eggs go! Doctor has a great point, they all can't be bad. Maybe this is a sign for something good this month. Fingers crossed.

    1. It would be nice for my doctor to be right for once.

  3. I'm super excited for you!!! That is great news. Hoping for good news!

    1. Thank you Stephanie. You of course know that I'm hoping it works but I'm a realist and know the odds.


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