Friday, October 19, 2012

Recovering From The Trip

J and I just spent two night and three days up on the island of San Juan in Washington State.  While the exterior beauty of the Roche Harbor Resort was a delight to be remembered what lies beyond that door is another post for another day.

I'm exhausted.  Last night we didn't get home until 2230 hours.  Two accidents on I-5 Southbound made the three hour trip home into a five hour annoyance.

Why is it that J and I have no problem driving in ice, snow, hail and heavy rain but that some people just don't have the skills like paying attention to weather conditions?  A semi jack-knifed on I-5 southbound near the exit for 38th street.  It not only blocked all five lanes on our side but broke through the concrete barrier and into the north bound lanes effectively shutting them down for almost an hour or longer.

Next there is another accident on I-5 south bound near the exit for 72nd street.  If you can't drive in the weather conditions around here, pull over.

View of Roche Harbor from our back deck.
Lavender plants along our walkway.
Sun setting on Roche Harbor.

More photos tomorrow when I catch up on everything around here.  I'm exhausted.  Not looking forward to physical therapy today.


  1. SOO beautiful! I hope that you post more about your trip adventures and that you guys had a great time!

    I LOVE the PNW,... having said that. I have no clue why it is that people within the PNW can not drive in the rain.

    1. Oh we had a good time. Wish we didn't have to come back.

  2. Looks like a beautiful place. HOpe you had a great time and welcome back.

  3. Wow what a pretty place! I hope you and J were able to have some good quality time!

    1. A bit yes, but it ended all too quickly.


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