Thursday, January 5, 2012

Adding Up The Costs

I want a baby.

What can I say?  My biological clock is winding down to its last tick.

But just how much will it cost me to get the baby I long for, dream of, love already without holding it?

This will be our second round of IVF.  I realize that many have gone through more and some have had success with just one.  We sort of had success with the first one in the fact that I did get pregnant but it just didn't stick around.

I still have eggs, that much is evident in the fact that I got pregnant again after losing JR.  But that one didn't stick around either.  Now its crunch time.  I'll be starting my injections on the 14th if the Antral Suppression Scan goes well.

I paid the IVF bill for this cycle on Wednesday.  I shouldn't have been shocked to be quoted a higher number but some how I was.  It went up.  Everything is going up in price these days.  If I knew for sure that I would need cryo preservation, at my age I'm realistic in the fact that I won't be needing it, I would pay an additional $1300.  I had the billing department take that off the bill and said to them that if I need it I'll be happily surprised and will gladly pay for that bill when it comes in the mail.

I'm lucky in that of the  $8,643.39 in medications for this cycle my insurance covered all but $12.00 of it.  But the insurance still didn't cover the almost $7,000.00 for the rest of the procedure.  Hey its still a break in cost.  I'll take a cost break where I can get one these days.

Our savings accounts are now almost depleted.  I really hope this works.  J only makes about 24K a year being a soldier and I have been having us live on half that amount so that we could pay for the two IVFs without having to bankrupt us.

Having this, our last IVF, over with a baby on the way would be a real blessing.  I know I can save in the 9 months of gestation to afford things for the baby since I've been living on very little since last January.  I say I since I do the finances here with J being so busy.  I know that I can squirrel away a college education or trade school fund too when the baby arrives by saving for its future.

If this doesn't work well then I guess I'll just put away money for vacations, a house, and retirement.  Living life on the cheap, not eating out and not going to the movies does make for a bit duller life but when you know you have money for emergency car repairs and won't have to rely upon the credit cards its rather nice.

I really want a baby.  I think that even if I had to pay full cost I would have but again this would be our last IVF.  I'm getting signals from my body that its getting really tired of all these hormones being pumped into it.


  1. We are in such huge debt it's amazing. And THEN we had to pay for a labor and delivery that ended horribly. It's SO completely unfair that our children have to ultimately suffer (since we can't give them all we might have been able to otherwise) all because we can't get pregnant like everyone else. We should have moved to a mandated state!

  2. I don't even want to think what I spent on taking my kids home. But we have good insurance, and I'm sure we spent less than some people pay on their flat screen TVs, smart phones, and other toys.

    My neighbor threw a party before new year's and was showing off an antique she purchase. I looked at and thought, hmmm fancy antique vrs 3 kids? I'll take the kids :)

    I think my body has been sending me signals for years, but I've gotten really good at ignoring them.

  3. Chick, our friends are all buying those gadgets. We still have our old bulky tvs, a trac fone for J and none for me. The car does need a major repair but it will wait a while longer. There are days our priorities just have to be what they are. I'd rather have a baby than a soon to be outdated gadget any day.

  4. I'm hoping this cycle is the one for you! And I'm so glad that insurance covered most of the expense of the meds. Keeping fingers crossed as you begin.

  5. I am glad your insurance covered that much of the medications. We are lucky our insurance basically covered both our testing and the meds for the Hubby. I am still working on getting reimbursed for my meds, but even if I don't it isn't bad. I have been told that the actual IUI will only cost us $200. I am not sure how much it will be for the semen prep. I would give up anything I own to have a baby.

  6. Sooooo hoping this IVF works for you!!! Definitely a bank account sucker upper...but it will be all be worth it if there's a baby in your arms in 9 mths! :)

  7. Just found your blog. Hope this IVF works! The expense is insane, but at least your insurance covers something. My husband had to go out of the country to get his meds cheaper, and it still cost us thousands of dollars. It sucks to have to pay so much for something everyone else gets for free.

  8. All my fingers and toes are crossed for you on this one. Hope you are feeling better too.


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