Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pain Killer Weekend

***Please note I'm blogging under the influence of Oxycontin.****

I haven't really gone to bed yet.  I've been up since yesterday morning.  The pain got worse today after I got my glasses straightened out.  I was at the AAFES mall and needed to get a few things done.

First off the only pair of size 14 jeans I currently own have been repaired by me and are old enough to vote.  Just this year they celebrated their 18th year in use.  Well okay I didn't get to wear them for all of the 18 years because my weight is like a yo-yo.  But I had to break down and buy another pair.  What better time to go clothes shopping  than January with all the big sales?

I got the pair of jeans for only $8.50.  I'm quite thrifty and proud of the price I paid for the jeans too.  I tried on two pairs in different brands and even though both pairs looked great on me I just didn't like the designer tears and wicked fading on the other pair.

I found out though three things when I tried on the jeans. 
  1.  My back decided it didn't like me trying on jeans and spasmed.
  2. The mirror was tilted down, making me look short and fat.
  3. Finally my husband approved of the jeans and when I looked at myself I saw how great I looked too in good fitting jeans.  I never noticed how flat my stomach is getting.  I still see the fat chic when I look in mirrors.
Next stop was nail polish.  I bought two bottles, one in a pretty pink the other a red hot cinnamon color.  I needed the pick me up that painting my nails gives me.

Finally the last stop, the Commissary or grocery store if you will.  My back is screaming in pain by the time I cut to the head of the line because I'm allowed to since I'm handicapped.  Oh and the male cashier came around to me in line and said next time I had to "get in line with the rest of the others waiting.".  I said, "handicapped!".  He shut up.

I had J go out to the car and get my cane.  With the grocery cart soon to be taken away from me by a bagger I needed some sort of support.  I don't like using my cane if I can help it since it aggravates my carpal tunnel.  I caved and made him get it.  I was yelping in pain.  See the above scale for my "9" face.

The pain was bad enough the bagger could see it on my face.  Really nice German female bagger too.  She said, "I hope you feel better later."

I said, "I will after my Oxycontin."

Note that I rarely use the opiates because the idiots here don't prescribe them to me very often due to the fact that I'm TTC (trying to conceive).  Though it is fairly safe to take during pregnancy when other pain meds won't do the job.  My last script of the Oxycontin was from May  2011 when I had that 9 cm endometrioma rupture. Yes I was prescribed vicodin for the egg retrieval in October 2011 but I used that quickly and saved the last 7 of 20 pills of the Oxycontin for a "just in case day" and today was the day.

By no means am I drug abuser or user or pusher.  When I lived in NY my Army doctors at West Point had a running script for me of any pain killer I needed and so did my physical therapists in NY.  Why here they are ignoring my pain issues I don't know.  Oh and even then when I lived in NY I rarely went through more than two bottles of 30 count a year.  I could have filled it every month but I didn't.  I don't like to use pain killers if I can find other ways to push away the pain like meditation.

Sorry if the post is a bit confusing to anyone.  I did put the warning up that I was writing this under the influence too.  Think I'll go take a nap.


  1. That's horrible that you have to fight the doctors for medications! You would think they could look at your history and see that you didn't refill very often :/. Here's hoping you feel better soon!!!!

  2. Sorry to hear you are in so much pain. Hopefully the med and the nap makes you feel better.

  3. This sounds awful! I'm so sorry that your in so much pain. Hopefully the spasms will die down and you'll feel better soon.

    BTW: I wasn't aware that handicapped individuals could go to the front of lines (I knew about them having priority over the bathroom stalls). Good to know!

  4. Yay for cheap new jeans and nail polish! I love nail polish! I hope you are feeling a bit better by now. I almost had to break into my left over percocet (from retrievals) to stop the stabbing pain in my head on Friday. I love stock piles of left over pain meds too!


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