Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Planning Ahead

Picture it, because I didn't take a photograph, a freezer full of casseroles and soups.

I'm cooking up a storm.  Even though I'm still sick and have several more days of antibiotics to go until this sinus infection is gone I'm cooking.  I'm planning ahead for the egg retrieval and embryo transfer.

Last IVF didn't go too well.  J was lost, confused and in general didn't know what to do to make my life easier.  When I should have been relaxing on the couch with nothing more strenuous in mind than changing a channel on the remote I was cooking for both of us.  This time will be different.

This time I preparing food for me.  Just me, not him.  J isn't on a dietary restriction.  J is a wonderful cook when he wants to be.  Last IVF, he prepared for himself from scratch Beef Wellington.  He made everything including the crust.

So I'm not exactly sure why he doesn't know one pot from a pan from a baking sheet when it comes to preparing a meal for both of us.  He took Home Ec in high school just like I did.  His mother encouraged him to learn to cook so that when he was on his own he wouldn't starve just like my mom did.

Currently I have three servings of a blue cheese casserole and one serving of a divine low sodium soup in the freezer.  Its enough for four dinners for me.  Tonight, if I feel like it, I'll cook some more and put more aside.  If I have the energy I'll be making Swedish meatballs, rice and peas.

I figure that if I make enough for 6 nightly meals I'll be set for the main parts of the egg retrieval and embryo transfer.  Just about anyone can reheat a frozen pre-cooked meal. 

I made enough of my no recipe, low sodium soup last night for both of us to enjoy and still have some for me to freeze.  Soup the night of the ER is about all I can handle too.  I don't know about you but all I wanted the first 48 hours was just enough calories in me to take my pain medicine.

The blue cheese casserole is a bit higher in sodium than I'd like but if its divided into three servings it won't be all that bad.  I was figuring the carbohydrates in it would be a nice safe bet the day after the ER or even the day of the ET.

Well this is me remaining hopeful and planning ahead.  I have to take care of me because in the end I'm the one I can most rely upon.  J being Army and all means that he might not be here as much as I'd like him to be for anything past donating his gametes to this endevour.  I'm already begging him to find out when his next CQ shift is and class dates too so that I know if I need to find a friend to take me to Seattle or not.

Well enough rambling.  Oh and to give some feedback.  I haven't been watching much SCI-FI of late.  I've never heard of Battlefield Earth to be honest, really I thought maybe it was a game or something.  I'm starting to think Sunflower has an idea with the separate bedrooms and maybe it will feel like sneaking around into each others beds if we do decide that route is best.  Kind of like when we were dating and our folks wanted us in different bedrooms.  Could be rather fun.


  1. I had to do the same thing before my surgery! I made all the soups and casseroles and lined up meals to be delivered! Men! I think the prospect of cooking for someone else scares them! (Or at least that's what they pretend so they don't have to cook)

  2. That's a lot of cooking!

    When do you think your retrieval will be?

  3. I'm guessing here in saying that the retrieval will be the 23-28 of January. It says on my calendar that the 25th is the possible date for trigger shot but last IVF I had to trigger early due to follicle maturity.

    It seems like so far away but really its not. Last birth control pill is this Sunday!

  4. Good for you on planning ahead and taking care of yourself!

  5. Wow -- this is so exciting! I pray this IVF works for you. Great idea on cooking ahead and relying on yourself for your nutrition. Its amazing how capable men can be on their own, but how lost they are when the women are around.

  6. Wow, that is a lot of food but pre-planning like that is great! It will make it that much easier for you both during that time. Hooray for the last BCP!

  7. That is a great idea. I am glad you are taking good care of yourself.

  8. Wow. I wish I had someone to cook for me. Sam shopped for us with a list and coupons and still spent double what I ever do. But he's way better than a vacuum. Could be because he vacuums like Fred Flintstone. I look over and he's holding the couch with one hand and the vacuum with the other. It was hot. ;)


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