Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shopping With The Spouse

Occasionally I like to shop with my spouse.  Its not often as he doesn't like shopping and I really don't care for it much either unless its on days where there aren't many people about the stores.

Friday turned out to be just one of those unusual days.  Because J has a four day weekend, and because we have finished paying for this, our last IVF, we decided to take a little money for ourselves and a bit for household.  We thought it might be fun to hit the outlet malls on a non-busy day and we were right.

Yesterday, due to after holiday sales, I was able to start socking away items for Christmas this year.  You heard me right, I'm well into shopping for this upcoming Christmas.  Yay me!

I was also able to secure a few bargains for the household such as a rice cooker and a fry daddy.  J has been wanting a fry daddy for years and even though we know fried food isn't all that healthy for you he still likes it.  I wanted the rice cooker as I hate standing over the stove watching to make sure the rice doesn't boil over.  Its a mess I'd rather avoid.  So I'm quite happy with those two purchases.

I also bought a few more clothing items.  Three sweaters and some cute panties.  I'm talking majorly cute panties like Hello Kitty.  Sorry couldn't resist.  I mean seriously I don't see my butt only my husband and my doctor see my butt and the doctor sees it without the panties, well okay so does the spouse but you get where I'm going with this, I hope.  So yes, the panties are just to make my fat butt look cute for my spouse.

I managed at the end of this week to lose 2 pounds this week.  I doubt this will continue as I took my first of the injections this morning.  I have another tonight at 1900 hrs.  Monday I start getting three more injections to add to the routine.  Oh Joy!

Speaking of joy, we went shopping again today and finished up just in time for the snow to fall.  I wanted to get the grocery shopping done and out of the way early.  I can't believe its only the 15th and we've already spent just over $400.00 in groceries.  When the heck did ground beef go up to over $3.50 a pound?   I swear last time I bought it the stuff was less than $2 a pound.

Today's shopping trip ended with two stores of choice.  Shipwreck Beads where J bought me the beginning of a TrollBead bracelet.  Just the bracelet for now.  I want to get a few nice beads online or maybe if I feel up to it in the jewelry stores.  I didn't think I'd ever like these bracelets as the ones I saw in the stores weren't my style but now seeing the variety of beads well...I can't help myself.

The last store was Cabelas.  J bought some reloading supplies for his new hobby.  He is learning how to reload because the price of ammunition is quite expensive these days.  No the Army still supplies him with his ammunition when he goes to war or to the qualifying range.  He just wants to make ammo for his own private use.

Sorry this post dragged on a bit.  I'm just excited to be home and have it snowing.  Its been more than a year since our last snow fall.  I really miss when it floculates.


  1. I'm jealous of the snow. We still haven't gotten barely any in MA. :( I love my rice cooker. Enjoy!

  2. This post really makes me want to go shopping! :) I want a fry daddy too.

  3. Congrats on starting Lupron!

    Glad you had a nice day shopping and sounds like you took home some great stuff.

    Enjoy the snow, I am so jealous!

  4. Sounds like a fab trip! I can't go shopping with my hubs, he puts me off!

  5. Sometimes one just needs to get the spendorphins out of one's system! Good call on the rice cooker -- v. handy.


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