Monday, January 16, 2012

Thyroid Ultrasound

Finally, its the day.  I called to schedule an ultrasound for my thyroid and actually got a same day appointment.  Wow, this really works out well since J has today off from work. 

I'm not looking forward to this ultrasound but it does hurt less than the transvaginal ultrasound.  However my thyroid is a tender spot with the two cysts and the tech does have to press down firmly to get good resolution.  Pain.  I'm not wanting more pain today.

My pelvis is hurting from the Lupron injections.  The uterus area feels hard.  I don't want more pain.  I bent over several times in the laundry process of washer to dryer and drying rack and I swear it brought tears to my eyes the pain was bad.  I've already started to get some ovarian pain and I have yet to start the stims.  We start the stims tonight.

I'm hoping that the tech will let me know if I have less than two cysts on the thyroid now.  I'm hoping that they've gone down.  I'm thinking that they haven't since I've been off the armor thyroid and iodine drops for well over a year now.  My  PCM wanted me off them.  My levels were borderline and he decided to err on the side of caution and take me off of them.  I wanted to try to conceive which meant I had to ditch most of my asthma meds, all of the thyroid meds, the prilosec, any pain killer stronger than acetaminophen, and most herbal remedies plus a few other meds I've now long forgotten about.

So here I am with thyroid issues that can be felt with palpating my throat.  My newest doctor was rather concerned that it had been two years since I had been seen by the ENT.  Its time again to get it evaluated and rule out my risk factors for cancer again.  Oh I doubt it will lead to that any time in the near future but its always better to get it checked out.  We don't want anything to go wrong right now with being in the middle of an IVF cycle.  I want a healthy pregnancy and a healthy full term, please God, baby.

So that is where I stand as of today.  I'll post about the results when I'm finally privy to them.  Probably not until my ENT appointment which is the end of the month.

Now off I go to work on my unofficial book review draft of the book I just read.  I should be posting it by the 18th.


  1. I hope that everything is under control with your thyroid. How exciting about starting stims tonight, Whoo Hoo

  2. Fingers crossed for today. May the pain be minimal and the news good.

  3. I hope your appointment today went well! Thinking of you!


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