Thursday, January 19, 2012

Delay, Dilemma, or Doom

I can feel a storm approaching in my ovaries.  I know that sounds a bit odd but those that have suffered through IVF will understand.

One of the RE doctors called me yesterday about my E2 day 3 lab results.   I knew it couldn't be good since the clinic was closed due to the snow so they would only call if it was bad news.   It wasn't good.  I can find no one that would cheer about a count of 1064 on only day 3.

I'm taking a deep breath in right now and trying to blow away the stress.  I might end up with a cancelled cycle.  I might end up with OHSS if the number continues to climb.

Dr. B. told me the Gonal-F will have to be reduced from the 525 to 375.  The Lupron and Menopur will both stay where they are right now.

I should have known this was going to happen.  Tuesday I started producing the egg white fertile cervical mucus that we infertiles always seem to look for each month.  I had it and I'm like wtf?  Seriously why now?  Something isn't right.

I should have known when yesterday my pelvic region is so puffy that my 16's are snug from only a 0.6 lb weight gain in two days.  Forget wearing my l4's which were still lose on me only three days ago.   It looks like I've gained 10 pounds.  Today I stepped on the scale only to see another 0.6 added to my weight in just one day.  That makes 1.2 pounds in three days.  Will the weight gain stop?  Its not my eating for sure, I'm closely monitoring what I eat and how much exercise I get.

I should have known when the cramping started and the back pain became almost unbearable.  Usually that pain only hits when I'm close to the retrieval time or ovulation itself.  The pain was radiating down my legs and up my back.

So yes, I'm a bit worried.  Hopefully I'll keep my blood pressure down.  Hopefully the Circle + Bloom will work its magic and I'll just have extra recruits. I had only 5 antral follicles.  I'd love to have 10 so that I might be able to freeze an embie or two.

But I'm being a realist here.  I'm quite aware that this cycle might be cancelled.  I've prepared my husband for the worst.  Now I'm going to hope for the best.

If you are the praying sort would you keep me in your thoughts and prayers that this cycle will still give me that take home baby?  I know its a lot to ask for, but I'd do the same for you.


  1. I've got you in my thoughts.

    Why on Earth do they have you on such a high amount of Gonal so early??? WOWza, that's aggressive. If you start coasting now, it may be ok still. I've got everything crossed for you that I can. Hang in there.

  2. I will absolutely say a prayer for you. That is my biggest fear with ivf is OHSS. Hopefully cutting down on your medications, things will calm down and you can move forward.

  3. Rebecca, I am so sorry to hear this. I will be a prayer warrior for you tonight for sure. I hope that your cycle doesn't get canceled and that you are able to get more eggs even though your RE only saw five antrals. I have read plenty of stories of girls ending up with more eggs than their original baseline ultrasound. Thinking of you and praying for you!

  4. I'm thinking of you today, Rebecca. I know exactly how nerve-wreaking the whole stimulation process is, especially when the REs start you with such a high dose of stim (I remember being a bit panicked too). The Circle+Bloom program has a part of the visualization that addresses too much hormone in your system. I really think it helped me, so I'm hoping it does the same for you.

  5. I absolutely will be praying for you. I am sorry for this added stress, and I hope you don't suffer from OHSS. Be thinking extra hard about ya during this time. Take care of yourself friend. xx

  6. Agree with Chickenpig - thats a REALLY high dose of stimz to be on - I know in the States FS's seem to prescribe higher doses than they do here too.

    I was on 225 and thought that was high. My FS told me last time that they (here) don't drop the dose till the follies are over 14mm, and that bloods done before 6 days are not a good indicator as follies are still being recruited. Personally I do think its good to have a heads up of where your cycle may be heading though, and I hope it evens out. I'm not the 'praying type' but sending good thoughts to your ovaries, poor things - just doing what they're told, right?

    Oh and 'should have known's? There's no concretes here, please don't beat yourself up

  7. Ugh... sorry about the high E2 level... hope this cycle is still alive.

  8. Good luck - I've got everything crossed for you. Take it easy as much as you can.

  9. Ugh. I'm sorry you have to deal with that so early. I hope things slow down a bit and you are able to keep the cycle going. I just hit full on waddle mode today after my dose doubled for the opposite problem. I will definitely need to hit up the fat pants tomorrow. Hang in there!

  10. Definitely will be thinking of you. Hope everything evens out so this cycle doesn't get cancelled.

  11. Wishing for the best hon. I know that you want to get this cycle over with and have a chance at that baby. I'm sorry you are struggling right now. I wisn I could help somehow.
    I'll be thinking of you.

  12. I am just catching up on a lot of your posts. I am praying so hard that your cycle doesn't get canceled and that your pain subsides at least a little.

  13. Woah girl! Hope the decreased dose helps out. Stay far away OHSS! FX


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