Monday, January 2, 2012


Today I'll be learning how to do Kirigami.  I got this particular page-a-day calendar as a gift this past Christmas and I plan on cutting it to pieces.

Well hopefully in the right pieces and places as I've never done Kirigami before.  Origami, yes.   I can do a few things with paper in folding it, but the cutting out is going to be a bit trickier with my carpal tunnel.

I've never had a page-a-day calendar as usually I find them useless and really annoying when trying to book appointments.  My mom had one at her desk near the phone where we'd book our appointments as a kid.  Did I say I don't like them?

But this one is going to prove to be a bit of fun.  Or at least I hope it will be fun and not frustrating.  Maybe I'll even find it relaxing.

Speaking of relaxing.  I've been doing my Circle + Bloom each night for the past few days after I take my bath.  I'm not sure if its helping as of yet because last night I had a difficult time sleeping; I hear every noise in the house when I'm its only occupant.  J wasn't here in the house like he normally is after work.  Yesterday J had his CQ duty 24 hour shift.  He got home about an hour ago and is now sleeping.  I'd snuggle up with him for a bit of relaxation but he is a restless sleeper that snores.  Much as I love him I'm starting to think we need separate bedrooms so we both get a good night's sleep.  I'm a light sleeper and easily awakened, and not necessarily in a good mood when woken up.

Yes I know that sounds terrible but really, I can see why folks sleep in twin beds if they have cover issues. I can understand why some folks, a century ago, slept in different rooms; makes for better sleep and a better marriage too in my book.  My husband steals the covers, hogs the bed and snores, which keeps me awake or gives me very little sleep.  Mind you sleep is very important in an IVF cycle when one wants to maintain good health. 

Maybe its because J was away from me for so long with the deployment, hardship tour, and training.  Maybe that is why he has such poor bed sharing skills.   I love our bed, I love my husband but I can't sleep in the same bed with him and find it relaxing at all.  Its more a battlefield for space, warmth, and silence.

So maybe this Kirigami will help me release a bit more stress.  Maybe I can do it mindlessly so that I can figure out solutions to the sleep issue.  When I knit I let my mind wander but knitting hurts my hands.  So maybe this will be my new craft for this year.


  1. You'll probably settle back into the bed together after a while. My husband works away from home for months at a time, and it is always hard sharing the bed when he comes well as working out chores, and who gets the TV remote...and etc etc etc.

    Good luck with the kirigami stuff. :)

  2. I 100% agree with the seperate bedrooms. I personally don't think it impacts intimacy since one can fool around in either bedroom and snuggle etc and go seperate ways when its time to actually sleep :-)

  3. That looks so cool! I might have to look into kirigami. I totally understand people sleeping in different beds or even rooms even though I wouldn't. I am a heavy sleeper. I can sleep through anything except a baby crying or someone saying my name even very quietly. My Hubby was a very loud snorer before the CPAP machine and he totally hogs the bed and covers and pillows lol! I am so used to it it doesn't bother me. I hope you get some good sleep soon.


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