Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Before A Bump

This is me now before I get pregnant later this month.  Yes, I'm that hopeful that there will be a real bump to some day show. 

This is me, 35 pounds overweight.  Boy is my butt big!  Its the one thing I never see in the mirror and most times I avoid the mirror except when fixing my hair.

I'm still sick by the way.  Last night breathing wasn't done easily when I was reclining in bed.  I couldn't even have the covers near my throat.  So I got up, took a flash light with me, and I examined my throat in the mirror.  With just 2.5 days left of the antibiotic one would expect the throat to not look like it did.  The tonsils are still badly swollen and there is a a lot of red back there.  It looks almost like I scalded the throat with a hot drink.

I'm now thinking that the antibiotics aren't doing their job.  I'm afraid I'll have to go on yet another round of them and it will muck up this scheduled IVF.

Well its just plain and simple mucking up my life right now with being sick.  I got a call from my bestie's husband this morning.  He asked if I could watch their boys.  I didn't want to say no but I had to say no.  I don't want to possibly make them sick either.  My bestie is in the hospital and has to have emergency surgery to remove her gall bladder.  I just don't want to make her kids sick if I'm still contagious, if this isn't bacterial and its viral of which it could very well be since its obviously not responding to the antibiotics when I still have a green nasal discharge too.  Can you imagine how I'd feel if I got my best friend sick?  We all know that could happen with her immune system being compromised from surgery too.  All I'd have to do is pass this on to her kids and they'd easily pass it on to her.

I really hated saying no especially when her husband needs my help right now.  But I think I'm making the right decision.  He was told that he would be given the time off to take care of their sons while she is in surgery and recovering in the hospital.  I think its best that he takes them up on the offer.  Their children aren't yet registered at the CYSS as they thought they had no need for that before this situation.  CYSS is child youth school services.  Basically its a day care and after school program for the children ages 6 weeks on up.  Its not free but it is on a sliding scale according to rank.

I have a follow up appointment for next week to see if all this is cleared up.  I'm really hoping it somehow disappears by next week Wednesday.  I want to go through with this upcoming IVF.

Wow I feel so guilty letting a friend down when she really needs me.  I hope she'll understand.


  1. Sorry that you are still sick! I have a nasty infection right now too, it's no fun.

    BTW - your butt doesn't look big at all in that picture! Glad you are feeling confident!

  2. Hope you start feeling better soon. I'm thinking of you every day. (And you know I mean it because I have a lot of thinking time on my hands.) ;)

  3. I'm sorry you are so sick! I hope you get better soon so you can start that IVF and have a bump in no time! xxx

  4. I love how hopeful you're being! :)

  5. I hope you get over this soon! I think you did the right thing in not watching your friend's kids. I would totally understand if someone couldn't watch my kids because she was sick. Not only could you make your friend and her kids sick, you could get sicker yourself in the process. That's just a lose/lose situation for everyone.

    Your butt is not that big, btw :) And I hope you get your bump.

  6. Gosh, it sucks that the antibiotics are not helping. I hope things turn around in the next day or two. I can imagine your worry about delaying the IVF. I am in a silimar boat :-(
    I think you made the right call about your friend. I am sure she will understand that you are looking out for her health. I hope you feel better.

  7. Bummer... yeah, seems like the antibiotics are not doing the trick there. Hope you get things cleared up soon. Bummer too on your friend, but you're doing the right thing!

  8. Yeah to the before the bump shot. How fun!!!!

  9. Sorry you're sick :( I think saying no was a smart decision, I would have done the same. I hope you feel better soon!

  10. I'm sure she understands. You are sick. She is probably happy you didn't just say you would watch them and not tell her you were sick.
    Antibiotics keep working after you are done with them. Because of how sick you are it may take the whole time and a couple days after to clear it up.
    I absolutely love how hopeful you are. That is an awesome idea to post your before pic! Mind if I steal it?


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