Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dawning of Another Day

I took this photo early this morning.  The sun rise made a beautiful glow around Mt. Rainier.

This morning is a new beginning, another chance to start fresh.  I'm still having bouts of nausea today.  Normally its at night, but today it hit me in the morning around 3am.

Its okay that I might not be pregnant.  My life is going to go on. 

I made cinnamon buns for my husband this morning.  He enjoyed the nice surprise when he got out of the shower.

We both fed the wild birds today.  He filled the feeder and threw out some un-salted in the shell peanuts for the Stellar Jays.  They wanted more.  I threw out a handful more.  Guess I'll have to buy more soon.  Greedy birds.  One particular Stellar Jay grabs two nuts at a time whilst the others take just one.  We are thinking he must be the alpha male.

Counseling went well at the FLC yesterday.  We both talked about the issues that needed to be discussed.  I'm pretty lucky to have a guy that is willing to do counseling.  He's been gone for so very much of our marriage that we don't see eye-to-eye on the same issues now.  I'm very independent and am used to having my own way, well there was no one home to oppose me before.  He too is used to a certain way of life.  He is used to being able to go where he wants without having to tell his wife that he'll be back later.    He is used to dropping his clothes, dirty or clean, wherever he wants.  I like the clean clothes to be put away and the dirty to go in the hamper.  The chaplain told me to stop picking up after him.  I rolled my eyes at that.  If I don't pick up after him and wait for him to do it, well its not going to get done.  Unlike his mom and dad I can't just shut the door to his bedroom to close out the eye sore.  His bedroom is my bedroom too.  Besides his stuff is not just in one room, its everywhere.

Just this morning I had to pick up his slippers and move them.  Had I left them where he put them, beside the bar, they would have been in the way of the repairman.  The tiles that had to be replaced are for the most part near the bar.  Today the repairman is here actually installing the tiles in the living room.  They don't match of course but this is military housing.  Brown tiles on an all grey tile floor is better than broken tiles in my book.
The repairman cracked another tile today taking out a bad one.  I even had to move the couch because the repairman kept putting the soles of his shoes against the upholstery of the couch in his kneeling position.  I know I'm not supposed to move furniture by myself but I didn't want to make the guy feel bad by telling him he was hitting my couch so I moved it.

Everything will work itself out in the end.  Doesn't it always?  My husband will realize that I can't keep picking up after him and continue to do the house work too.  No one doing laundry likes to find yet more to do wash after you thought you were finished with it for the day.

I asked my husband earlier this week to help me in the selecting of a new respite care provider.  I guess he forgot.  I think the staffing place also forgot that I asked, over the phone, to send me in an email another list of providers.  I guess I'll have to email them this time.  I'll also pull out my list and remind my husband to help me select a provider too.  After all this is the person that is supposed to be giving him a break from giving me care.  He is way to busy each day to be doing house work so for now I continue to do it, even when it hurts bad.  Those of you with Fibromyalgia can understand this quite well I'm sure.

Well that's all I have for now.  Feel free to leave comments.

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