Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yet Again, No Hot Water

This is getting rather annoying.  Over the Summer our hot water heater malfunctioned, well that's rather polite, and it needed a new element.  Problem solved, or at least until last week.  Last weekend the hot water heater stopped heating yet again.  This time the repairman replaced the heating element, again, and the control valve.  Friday night the hot water heater died again.  This time a different guy replaced the heating element AGAIN!  This morning my husband wanted to take a hot shower before he went to get his hair cut, the hot water heater is dead again.

At 0930 hrs my husband placed a called with Equity explaining the situation.  Equity says that they will have a tech call him within a half hour.  Forty minutes later my husband calls them again.  This time they think they put him on hold and the secretary complained about him to the office personnel. Not a smart person.  Finally she realized her error, did not apologize, and placed him on hold.  Another person picks up the line and says that they will send the tech over with the new hot water heater.  Folks its been close to an hour, still nothing!

Meanwhile, being a survivor of bad conditions, I filled the tub one quarter full with water from the tap.  I boiled four containers, twice over, with water from the tap so that I could have some hot water to bathe with finally.  Its annoying but it could be worse.  I've actually had to cook down snow for drinking water in my adult life. Life hasn't always been this easy for me and I feel pampered when I can turn on the tap and find hot water, or flip on a light switch and there is light. So after being pampered with luxuries of heat, hot water, and light I was annoyed this morning to find no hot water.

I live in a country where water is plentiful.  I pay my bills on time every month.  I should have hot water.  I should have electricity.  In a week's time I've gone without both.  I'm cranky today.  Being handicapped, its not that easy to carry heavy pots of hot water across the house to the bathroom.

My husband is going to call Equity again to find out what the hold up is this time.  I'd like to get the chance to get out of the house today to finish up a bit of shopping, go to the barber, and just relax.  I don't want to not be here for the repairman.  I don't like the idea of a stranger walking through my house.  So I'm going to talk to my spouse right now and see if he wants to go to the barber now and I'll stay here and wait it out.

He agreed to head out and get done what he needed to do.  Time is not on our side today.  Our date didn't go well yesterday at all.  I'm about to give up on Date Night.  Some of you are probably wondering why I had to carry the heavy pots of hot water, well I just asked my spouse.  He had no good reason why he couldn't help out.  He actually said he didn't think about offering to help me.  Yes, we are still having a bit of a problem in that area.  More counseling on Monday.  Hopefully he'll figure out why he can be so thoughtless.  I say thoughtless because, when I ask him about most issues he'll give me the excuse of, "I didn't think".  A year away from us has made him into this type of person.  He slacks off on helping out, plays his video games, seems to have no ambition for getting ahead and just wants to exist without effort.  I had told him I would try to keep him out of my blogs but at this point he is annoying me more than the lack of hot water.

Folks when you are on a date with someone do you rush through the meal you are eating?  We went to a quiet restaurant not far from post.  Its mostly take out and delivery orders so the dining area was empty but for us.  There was no rush to finish our meals.  He finished his soup, egg roll and large platter in about 15 minutes.  I had to take home my entree' minus a few bites.  I asked him about it after we got home.  I was annoyed that he would rush through our couple time just to get home again.  I explained to him that couple time is about reconnecting.  Its about discussing our hopes, dreams, goals and reviewing our past week.  Finding out in general where we need to fix things and where we are good is what Date Night is all about.  Hopefully  the date night would end in some passionate love making but it just didn't happen.  It was like a bad first date.

I do love my husband.  I just wish he would give himself a much needed kick start to his life.  Maybe he needs a new heating element too.


  1. At the risk of sounding unsympathetic -- because you know I'm not -- I'll tell you that it took *years* after being subject to being called away from a meal on a moments' notice and not knowing when the next break would be to get in the deliberate habit of /taking time/ over a meal. When food and sleep are a catch as can thing it is really hard not to grab what you can when you can. Being aware of the pattern/habit is the beginning of the solution. Perhaps something to mention privately, perhaps something in counselling. Good Luck!

  2. yes, he knows he has picked up some bad habits in the three years without me. time to break them.


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