Sunday, November 7, 2010

Time Changes Everything, Or Does It?

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After reading an article on about Daylight Savings Time I'm inclined to think that we really don't need the extra hour of sunlight with the time change in the Spring.  Here is the article, I'll let you make your own opinions but I'll still state mine here.

Twice a year I would ask myself and others, as far back as my memory can stretch on a good day, the question of why do we need to change our time?

I find the time change to be a real pain in the butt.  The time change messes with my sleep schedule taking me nearly a week to recover.  I'll be pacing the floors at night being wound up with energy still or possibly oversleep my alarm clock.

The majority of us are not farmers who would possibly depend on the extra sunlight to get our chores done or crops planted and harvested during the extra sunlight months.  The farmers I'm sure have suitable alarm clocks that would wake them up just fine if we stayed on standard time.

Quote from the article link above:
'Michael Downing, a teacher at Tufts University and the author of “Spring Forward: The Annual Madness of Daylight Saving Time,” says messing with the clock doesn’t really save energy. “Daylight saving is still a boon to purveyors of barbecue grills, sports and recreation equipment, and the petroleum industry, as gasoline consumption increases every time we increase the length of the daylight saving period,” Downing told MNN. “Give Americans an extra hour of after-dinner daylight, and they will go to the ballpark or the mall — but they won't walk there.”
Daylight saving time increases gasoline consumption, according to Downing. “It is a convenient and cynical substitute for a real energy conservation policy.”'

So rather than us Americans using up more fossil fuels with our daylight savings time how about we stay on standard time and use less of those fuels?  Just get a dependable alarm clock.

The more electronic devices I own, which somehow seems to grow with each year as more become necessary in this electronic age, the more time I have to spend twice a year re-setting those clocks on the devices.  Not all of them come with automatic time changes in them.  The few electronic devices that are Pre-Bush, with his new changing the date of falling back, like to reset themselves too early each year because they had a built in daylight savings time calendar program.  Which again is rather annoying.  It seems as though the only clock in my house I can depend on is the battery operated one in the kitchen.  It will keep its analog time going just fine during a black out and is the easiest to change twice a year.

So how many of you are disgusted with the hassle of the twice yearly time changing?

How many of you would like to stay on standard time all year round?

If you prefer these twice yearly changes, why?  Tell me.  I'd really like to know why.

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  1. Blame Ben was his idea to make use of better daylight hours. To be quite honest... I enjoy falling back rather than springing ahead but when all's said n' done, I'd prefer to have more daylight since I quite enjoy my summers kayaking, hiking, etc. and that extra hour of sunlight really does make a huge difference when you're stuck in the woods somewhere. ;)


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