Monday, November 15, 2010

Just a Tad Cranky

I didn't get much sleep through the dark hours of the night.  I was up about once an hour.  Sometimes its due in part to the Fibromyalgia pain sometimes because of the bladder.  Last night it was the cover hog I share the bed with, namely my spouse.  He swears he doesn't steal the covers on purpose.  I get up and find them wrapped around him.  I'm perfectly content to sleep cuddled up next to him as long as he shares the blankets.

After he left for work I snuck in another hours sleep. I would have slept longer but the sound of rapid gun fire woke me up.  I sometimes forget that I live on a military installation, my little bubble of happiness.  It could have been a lot worse, it could have been artillery rounds like last week.

I get up out of bed, amble into the office and turn on the computer.  Where is my chair?  I look widely to the left and find it almost out of peripheral vision.  I didn't leave it there.  I pull my chair back into place in front of the computer.  On to the next room.

I open up the curtains in the living room and find my spouse has left unopened food on the floor and a bottle of water.  Was he considering a midnight picnic for one?  I'm sure it could have been a lot worse.

On to the kitchen next to put on the kettle for tea.  I empty out the dish rack of the plastics and cooking implements.  I find that my brand new, pretty yellow dish cloth is now blackened.  What the heck did he clean up?  I know the black won't come out now.  So I decide to use cleanser in the sinks and hope it lightens the black to brown.  Now I find that the water is just sitting in the sink over the garbage disposal.  Great what now?  Did he forget to run it again over the weekend when he cooked for himself and his buddy?  I run the disposal.  I now know the sound of glass grinding and popping in the disposal.  Some of it sprayed up into my face.  Not happy with that at all.  I'm fine.

I shut it off, grab my flashlight and look down in the disposal. I found one piece of glass. Turning off the circuit breaker for the disposal I reach into the garbage disposal and remove the piece of glass.  Why me?

I called my spouse on his cell to ask why I found what I found. He had no idea.  As for the dish cloth he said he cleaned off his coffee pot with it.  I looked over at the coffee pot, its disgusting, I don't drink coffee.  I placed the pot in the sink, added soap and hot water to let it soak.  He obviously didn't clean the pot with the dish cloth.  It more likely that he cleaned the filthy hot plate part while it was still hot causing the burn marks on the dish cloth.  White vinegar or even CLR would have cleaned it up and using a rag not a new dish cloth.  In the past three weeks he has turned three new dish cloths into dust rags.

I love my husband.  Usually he is pretty thoughtful.  I'm guessing this is just a Monday thing.  I'm rather afraid to look too closely about the rest of the house as to what I might find next.  He had to go hunt down his gortex this morning before work.  I know there is a mess waiting for me but I'm not going to clean it up.  Nope I'm going to listen to the Chaplain who told me not to clean up after him any more.  This isn't going to be easy for me as I like to have a clean house.  So if there is a mess its not me who created it but me who refused to clean up after the mess maker.

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