Friday, November 26, 2010

Personal Best

Back home from the best Thanksgiving yet.  The food was wonderful the company even better.  Three tables were set up in one of the dining rooms.

After securing a plate of grub I asked the kids at one table where I would be seated, I saw some milk and soda at a few spaces and knew those were reserved, they said at the adult table.  I guess I've earned the adult table at my age.  They had a smaller table that seated about ten people and another for the other spill overs from mine and theirs would seat six more.  Ten people sat at my table.  All adults.  Parents, grandparents and great grandparents.  With so many mature individuals at one table I would have thought the unexpected wouldn't happen.  However, the unexpected did happen.  I'm not sure who threw the first green bean at the kids' table but a full scale raw green bean war started.  I got beaned many a time.  I threw beans back and I went as far to sneak back to the kitchen for more raw green beans twice.  My husband threw a fist full at the kids after he got tired of just a few random beanings.  Green beans landed in milk, hair, down shirts, and my husband being a clown at heart stuck one in his ear and yelled out, "I don't know who threw this one but it was a good shot!".  Its a good thing the dog wasn't allowed in the house for this event as he's no toy poodle but a large black lab.

Today, much recovered from the beaning, we went shopping.  I dread shopping, unless of course its at an antique store.  HAH!  I've found, finally, that personal gift that my husband could possibly get me at the antique store.  Its something I've always wanted.  Its an antique I can wear.  I use all my antiques.  Even my daily dinnerware are antiques.  Here is a photo of a similar ring online I found.

The stone in this particular ring is much smaller than the ones in the antique store and at a third of the price of this one in the photograph.  The open work is typical of the Edwardian period and the two rings I liked the best were open work with different designs.  One was a bit more worn down than the other but the gem quality was better or so I was told by my cousin.  I'll let my husband make the final decision.  As long as he picks it out I'll be fine with it.  I can always get it sized to fit my finger later.  I've bought antique jewelry before from my home state.

The other personal gift I found today while out shopping is a table weight hand bag hanger for the restaurants.  I detest putting my purse on a dirty floor, or on the table when there is no chair left to hold my hand bag.  They are inexpensive at most being around $10 or less.

So this really was my personal best for a holiday weekend.  One and a half more holidays to go this year.  I say half because New Year's Eve is at midnight between the years.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday this year. If not then maybe the next one will prove better.

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