Friday, November 5, 2010

Watching The Grass Grow

Today is just one of those days that I might as well just sit and look out the window watching the grass grow.  I'm waiting on a phone call from my doctor's office.  I had to have blood work done this morning.  The nurse practitioner told me that they would call me in two to three hours with the results.  Its been three hours now.  Maybe she meant two to three hours after their lunch was over?

Well after being scolded, I figured that would happen, for not properly informing them of my clomid usage I now have a referral to see the fertility specialist.  Last appointment I brought in my current script of my clomid and showed it to my physician's assistant who informed me, as she was typing information into the computer on my chart, that I was okay to take the medicine as long as I knew how to take it.  The instructions on how to take the prescribed medicine were on the container and I still had my information on the item, so I told her I was informed.  My PA is pregnant. She is absent minded too.  She was the one that forgot to fill out and sign one of the pages of my EFMP form a few weeks back.  I rather figured she forgot to put into the system my fertility meds.  I've been good all week keeping my blood pressure around 124/76.
Need I say that my blood pressure was up at the vitals check this am?

So now I sit here and wait.  I need to know if the result is a positive or a negative.  Negative I can start the next round of clomid if I get a bleed.  If I don't then I'll have to make another appointment and ask them again for a script of Provera to get things going.  I asked for the script of Provera today and she brushed me off.  Its not like I'd go pick it up if the test is positive.  My last fertility doctor had put in an order for the script so I'd have it on hand, but that was two years ago.  If its positive then I'll have to go to the next stage and see a different specialist from the one they are referring me to.  Yet another appointment is a sixty-six percent chance with the two factors of needing a medicine or a positive result.

Last night in a fit of frustration, my hair being naturally curly tangles easily, I gave myself a hair cut.  It doesn't look at all bad, which is a surprising factor considering I gave myself layers.  Now I just need to dye it again.  I think I chopped off up to five inches in length on the top layer and maybe two inches on the bottom layer.  It now flows nicely.  Eventually I'll try to straighten it again with my appliance for that chore.  I say chore since my hair is so darn thick it can take me around forty-five minutes to straighten.

My spouse is home early from work today.  First time in a while.  So he mowed the lawn and washed the car.  Now he is seeding and fertilizing the lawn.  The sky is quickly growing dark.  We are going to get rain again for about four or five days straight starting tonight.  I might just be able to watch the grass grow.


  1. sounds like you have had a rough couple of days this week. I am sorry you are going through all of this. I am praying for great success with the next round.... I will not tell you to relax or anything like that. I will tell you that I will be praying and thinking about you. I wish you the best of luck!!


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