Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Life's Distractions

In my mind's eye I'm far away from the laundry today.  I'm there in the photo.  I'm driving around those twisted roads soaking in the beauty of the day.  I can feel the cool breeze coming off the gorge.  If I stand still long enough the sun will soak through my clothing warming me to the bone.  I'd rather be there than here today as the first load becomes the second and the second the third until the fourth finally hits the dryer.

I can see myself leaving my car to stand along the water's edge.  Solitude.  The water laps at my feet begging me to join it but I know better, the water is just too deep and I'm not a fish.  Back up the embankment I go and get back into my car.  I'll drive down the road a bit more.

Pulling off yet again, this time I take with me my sketch pad and water colors.  This time I'll find the perfect spot.  Maybe I'll draw just the skyline with the mountain.  Maybe I'll draw the water with the boats.  But this time I'll take the time I want and need to do something selfish to feed my soul.  My soul needs nourishment.

Many is the time when traveling I want to shout out, "Stop here!".  I want to at least take a photograph but usually I keep quiet not wanting to burden the driver with my needs and wants.  Its been at least a year since I've done a sketch or water color.  My paints were new a year ago.  I wonder how long before the tubes start to dry up.

Today the sky is a pale blue here and there is a light cool breeze.  Yet another day of beauty with no time to enjoy it.  I'm trapped in a web of my own making.  Time to switch out the loads of laundry.  Back to reality.

I did take the above photo back in September on a mini holiday with my spouse.  The weather was gorgeous and I didn't want to go home.  I never want to go home when I'm on holiday with him.  Maybe this month we'll get the chance to get away yet again.

Dryer buzzer just sounded off.  I guess it really is time for me to move the loads.  The washer moaned out its stop earlier.  Sighing....okay enough for today.

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