Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Family Time

Well we are doing the family Thanksgiving this year.  Last year my husband was deployed and his family that lives in the area had members with the swine flu so I opted to stay at home for the holidays.

Wish these folks had a cat. I need cat time.  There is nothing so soothing as having a cat in my arms.  Well maybe a good glass of wine would be just as soothing but since we are trying to conceive there won't be wine on my menu this season; at least none for me that is for drinking but possibly only for cooking.

Still trying to complete my wish list so that my husband knows what to get me this year for Yule.  So far it seems as though its a foot spa, a pair of silver earrings, two dvds and baking pans.  I'm not a person that demands a lot from the family for gifts.  I'd rather have something from the heart and especially a gift where the person has put some thought into realizing that they know me well enough to even give me said gift.  This is where we run into problems with the spouse.

Let see, he has been gone for almost three years and I've changed.  Does he remember my likes and dislikes?  Has he paid enough attention to my infrequent shopping trips to note when I'd say, "Oh, I'd like that"?  We'll see.  I'd like a gift where I don't have to share it.  I've always had to share gifts with others.  Its not as though I don't want to share them but it would be nice if I could have a gift from my spouse that doesn't entail me having to share it with him or others.  Dilemma there is that if I get the baking pans I want it does mean that I would end up cooking and baking for other? There is no way I could possibly consume all the calories in any batch of whatever without gaining so much mass I'd have to go up a pant size.

So should I ask for a baking pan type gift?  I'd like to get a few tart pans, preferably 4 inch size and six of those, or maybe a 13 by 4 inch tart pan for desserts.  I have the 9 and 10 inch quiche pans.  I love to cook.  But I'm thinking that since I don't take an allowance, ever, that I rather deserve to just go out and by the baking equipment of my choice when possible because I am the cook for our family unit.  What do you think?

So here I am with his family, I hardly know most of them.  I do love them all.  I'm looking forward to meeting them and getting to know them better tomorrow.

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