"French born and Parisian schooled Chef Bertrand, an authentic award-winning Parisian chef, has worked in world-class restaurants all over the world.  From fine restaurants in Paris, New York, Los Angeles and The Orient, Chef Bertrand now brings his unique blue ribbon expertise and delicious European cuisine, affordable choice wines and delectable desserts to our small corner of the world.
La Crème Brûlée (The Burnt Cream) French Bistro, located in the heart of Steilacoom’s historical district, opened its doors in the midst of a beautiful red-skyed sunset on a quiet warm-breezy late summer evening in September, 2005.  After viewing the breathtaking panorama of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains that only Steilacoom affords, Chef Bertrand fell in love with the little town and decided to open his restaurant on Lafayette Street.  He was so inspired by the beauty and majesty of the area that he knew his restaurant would have to be something very special, very eligant yet affordable and casual, something that Steilacoom had never seen before.   And he did just that!
Naming his romantically themed, Parisian-atmosphered restaurant after the world-famous French dessert “Crème Brûlée,” Chef Bertrand has become somewhat of a local mini-celebrity.  With people from all over the Puget Sound region stopping in to savor the newest additions to his collection of French wines, palate pleasing plates and delicious European desserts, Chef Bertrand couldn’t be happier.
“Come spend the evening with us and enjoy a night in Paris,” he says.  Through sight, sound, taste and ambiance, La Crème Brûlée French Bistro truly is the next best thing to being there!
- Staff"

I hope those of you that live around the Puget Sound get a chance to stop at La Creme Brulee to dine on their cuisine.  Give your spouses a nudge in their direction for your Date Night.