Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No See, No Hear, No Speak...A RANT

There are days I want to be like one or all of the chimps and just not know.   Of late its been all three.

I live on Post.  I follow the rules and regulations.  Why can't the others around me?  My husband and I must be perfect or something because we don't break the regs. as far as I know.

I don't call in those who violate policies on this post unless they are really annoying or are a hazard to themselves or the community.  But tell me how hard is it to follow the rules?

I don't want to see you letting your dog poop on my lawn or pee on it.  This is my front yard, we mow it, we seed it, we fertilize it and I don't want your dog excrement on my lawn.

In effect this month is the twenty-four hour rule of the trash and recycling bins.  If you don't get your trash can off the side walk or out of the road within the alloted time of twenty-four hours you will be cited.  I find it extremely annoying that folks are just too lazy to move their bins.  I have to walk on those side walks as do the children going to and coming home from school.  MOVE YOUR BINS!

Those of you that refuse to park your vehicle in your garage are also in violation of housing codes.  Your garage is meant to house your vehicle.  If your vehicle is too large for your garage have the decency to at least park it in your drive way.  Some of us would like to be able to back out of our own driveways without hitting your guests vehicles or your vehicle. Blocking a resident's driveway is just WRONG.  I've had that happen a few times in the almost two years of living here.  My driveway is not your turn around point for your vehicle.  Just today, with my garage door open, I had some grey suv pull right up my driveway and almost into my garage.  I thought she would park there but no she was just turning around.  If you have to turn around you don't need to use my whole driveway.  Some folks need to go back through drivers education.   I've even found strange vehicles parked in my driveway.  My house is obviously lived in, I have flowers out front, a name placard, and a leaky cauldron sign so what were they thinking? A few of my friends, in some post housing areas, don't even have driveways or garages.  I really feel for them.  Parking is first come, first serve in their areas.

If you see a No Parking Zone sign it means just that, Don't Park There.  Unless you are an emergency vehicle you have no business being on that side of the street.  The loop going around the hospital here on post is becoming difficult to navigate with all the illegally parked vehicles.  There is adequate parking for the staff in the staff parking lot.  If you can't find a spot you should consider carpooling as it would benefit the environment and cause less accidents for those of us that do live in the area.

Pay Day weekends are just too noisy here in the community.  I don't want to hear your guests outside on your front area or even the backyard for that matter at 0200hrs yelling, barfing, hooting, hollaring, or arguing.  Put a cork in it already. Some of us want to sleep.  You can talk all you want outside just remember that you don't have the right to shout.  Speak at a normal inside voice volume during the hours of 2200- 0700hrs if you are going to be outside.  Oh and don't give me that crap about being in your own home, if you have those windows open and are making loud noises its pretty much the same as being outside as I can still hear you very easily.  Have some curtsy.

I don't want to hear your car stereo blasting before 0700hrs or after 2200hrs nor am I supposed to tolerate it.  There are regulations about noise on this military installation.  If you want to yell, blast your stereo or make any other loud noise between those hours GO SOME WHERE ELSE!  Off -Post would be nice.

Those of you that are military should remember that you are responsible for your dependents and your guests.  If they violate the policies here on post you are the one that will get in trouble when your chain of command finds out.  Set an example.  If you want to party on post you can do so but follow the rules and your neighbors will enjoy their own free time too. If you want to be a jerk with your party you ruin the free time for the soldiers in your neighborhood.  We will turn you in.

If you park in my driveway without my permission or block my driveway without my permission I will have you towed.

If you let your animals ruin my lawn of which we have worked so hard on, I will take a photo of you, find out who you are and turn you in.

If you can live by the regulations set forth for all residents here on post we will be great neighbors.  I'm not a bitch.  I'm just tired of you violating my rights for peace and quiet during the structured hours.  I'm just tired of you not respecting my residence.  I'm really sick and tired of you violating the policies on our military installation that were put there to protect us all from idiots like you.

If you don't like having to live by the regulations then move off post.  There are plenty of places off post you can dwell.  Oh and take your guests with you when you do leave as I don't want them left behind.

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