Sunday, November 21, 2010

Waiting For The Snow

Plattsburgh, NY circa 1945

My husband informed me this morning that we are due for snow today.  A friend online posted that she saw snow flakes.  I'm still waiting for the snow to show up on this side of the installation.  So far nothing.  I grew up in the North where we had lots of snow on the ground by this time of year.  It wasn't unusual for the kids to be seen trick-or-treating in the snow.  I miss snow.

I have all my Winter gear waiting for me to don it.  I want to go make a snowman.  I want to have a snowball fight.  Last year we had one day of a light dusting of snow before Christmas and that was it.

The only thing I can think that I might be afraid of is driving in the snow with drivers that have never experienced the snow or aren't used to the ice build up which is inevitable.  My first year at this installation I was living in a hotel and we had plenty of flocculation that year.  There were ice ruts on post.  It took me forty minutes to drive five miles because the folks around here just freak when it snows.  Many of the hotel staff were talking about putting chains on their tires.  Growing up where I did I never had to put chains on my tires.  If I couldn't get out of my parents' three hundred foot dirt driveway, that wasn't kept cleaned out on a regular basis, then I didn't go anywhere.  Usually I'd just drop my stick shift into a different gear than first and plow my way out of the snow.

So today, still being sick, I'm going to stay at home as much as possible in the hopes of seeing some snowflakes.

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