Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Not Going To Forget This One

Photo by me

Spoke to my lawyers on the East Coast this morning.  Why am I surprised that they are shafting me yet again?  I realize that my case is not a big money draw but it is still an income to the law firm.

I called to find out where my medical supplies are and why I've yet to hear back from my law firm after contacting them early last month.  Hopefully they have it all figured out this time.  I was informed that they did a three way calling with the insurance carrier, medical supply source and themselves to get the he said she said bull crap worked out.  I should now be receiving my medical supplies that stopped in August.

I asked again about the medical fees schedule.  They had forgotten about that obviously by the long pause and then asking me to explain what I needed.  I need the Medical Fees Schedule so that I can go see a doctor for the Work Comp injury  out of the state that I was injured in.  My lawyers inform me that the medical fees schedule is $85.00.  I said I can't afford to pay for the thing.  I haven't been paid in two years.  My husband is military and if you work out the rate of pay per hour with how he is considered available twenty four hours a day he gets paid about twenty cents an hour if that much. "Oh", is the response I get from them.  As if they are in disbelief.

$85.00 is half my fuel budget for the month.  $85 is one third my food budget for the month.  So which one should I rob the money from to pay for something that I was told would not be reimbursed just so that I can be treated by a doctor out of state?  I can't be seen and have it paid for by Workers' Compensation without that fee schedule.  My lawyers don't have a case if I don't get seen by doctors which means they won't get their 15% of any settlement.  Seriously why should I have to pay for the schedule?

Little side note, the natives here don't know how to drive on hard packed snow I guess.  I just watched the repairman use my driveway as a turn around point.  Idiot gunned it and just spun his back tires.  More gas does not mean better traction.  Slow and steady is the best bet.  Don't brake hard either.  Last night I caught a bit of the news and saw the live cam footage of accidents.   So glad I took my driver's road test in a January on snow and ice.  I learned how to parallel park in the snow and ice too.  Where I grew up we had all sorts of crazy weather including tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, hail storms, flooding and so on and so forth.

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