Saturday, November 13, 2010

Taking Time Off

Today is usually the day that my husband and I go on a date.  I'm not really sure if we are going to go out or just stay in today.  I'm tired.  I've laundry and cleaning to do and he has yard work.  Even though we don't have a tree in our front yard some how we end up with oak and maple leaves all over it.

Yesterday my husband and I went down to the county court house and applied for our concealed pistol licenses.  We'll know in about a month if we are approved.  We both had to be fingerprinted.  Last time I was fingerprinted was when I was working for the Department of Defense.  Many years later they have the electronic fingerprinting system which is so much easier to clean up after.  No more ink stains on the dry skin.  I'm already liking this system. The clerk informed us that our street is well armed.  Well it should be, we live on a military installation.

The three of us went driving around the county in pursuit of firearms that were paid for while deployed.  Our friend bought a nice rifle while deployed and had to go pick it up.  My husband bought a handgun while he was deployed and had to finish up the paperwork on that yesterday.  The handgun should have been in his possession back in August but due to the fact that a lot of soldiers decided to purchase the same item, they were back ordered until now.  There is also a discrepancy in the amount we were charged and what the purchase order states.  The gun shop was trying to collect the tax from us last night when I said hold on there a minute we already paid the tax on this once.  So now we are trying to get in touch with the manufacturer of the weapon to get an itemized bills showing what was actually on the list of charges.  $75.25 is unaccounted for of which we were charged and that is just about what the gun shop owner was trying to charge us yesterday.  I was fine with the additional $35.00 transfer fee but I'm not about to pay out taxes a second time!

After two days of a lot of driving, walking, and just being away from home I think I'll opt for a date night in. Two days of skipping meals, not drinking enough water and trying to keep up with soldiers is enough to wear me out.

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