Friday, November 12, 2010

Veterans' Day With Two Soldiers

These two soldiers have known each other on three continents.  They became good friends while stationed in Korea and even deployments, through different brigades, still maintain a great friendship.

I had the honor of eating dinner out with them last night.  One of the best nights out in history was had by all three of us.  Our minds were in the gutter.  I told the waitress that one of them liked her and that he was single.  No I wasn't drinking.  We were loud, we laughed, we had fun.

Our friend stayed the night, we watched Harry Potter of all things on the television last night.  They were cool with it.  Both actually enjoy it too.  This morning the two of them were playing games on the xbox.

Our friend will be leaving the service soon but that won't stop us from staying in contact with him.  Good friends always remain close even though distance separates them.

Oh and I want his car.  lol  No seriously he just bought a 77 Cobra.  Sweet too.  Some day I'll have my dream car.

Today I'm exhausted.  My husband and I spent the morning at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.  A lot of walking, stairs and ramps.  After a while the ramps became more painful than any set of stairs so I opted to take the stairs back to the parking lot after finishing the zoo.  Yes, even with cane, purse, and camera in hand I finished the zoo!

It really was a day of Peace yesterday.  Thank you to all the Veterans out there.  I owe you my undying gratitude for all your sacrifices.

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