Thursday, November 25, 2010

Morning Bliss?

Okay so I slept pretty good last night, only three pillows and partially sitting up position.  I have my nebulizer nearby in case the asthma gets so bad that I need it.  I was able to go one night now without taking my rescue inhaler.

I awoke for the final time, I get up several times in the middle of a normal sleep cycle for the bathroom trips due to the fibromyalgia, at about 0800hrs.  I was hoping to get a nice hot shower.  Um, well in a house with nine bedrooms, three full baths, one half bath and currently ten people I got to use the shower but there was no hot water. 

I was desperate enough to tough it out for the cold shower.  I haven't  had to tolerate a cold shower in a few months, not since my hot water heater blew its element this past Summer.  This week it blew a valve too.  Got to love military housing and its glitches.  So well I made it through a cold shower.  I moaned in pain as the cold water sluiced down my back.  At least the cold water is good for my hair, froze my scalp and woke me the heck up but yup I'm warm now!

Snow was falling again by the time I got out of the bathroom.  I love the snow. 

I think the true bliss of the morning was that I was able to enjoy a nice breakfast with family.  There is nothing to replace the noise and smells of a house full of family.  Family and a hot cup of tea is my morning bliss.  Maybe its not yours but I sure as heck enjoyed it.

So now with paper chains well started and several snowflakes snipped out we have some decorations started for the house.  My young cousin and I peeled apples for a pie and laughed at the mess of it.  Did I say how much I love family time?  If I didn't I should have before now.  Okay so its not my family but my husband's family.  But since they aren't my blood kin it makes it all the more fun to learn their odd habits and laugh with them when something goes awry.

Happy Thanksgiving to my friends, my Army family, and to those I've yet to meet but will someday.  May you know bliss this day.  I'm thankful to be able to have my husband and his family with me this year.

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