Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Line Is Drawn

Last night we had one heck of a wind storm.  This morning I awoke to a line of leaves drawn on my front lawn finished off by a garbage can lid.  I count myself as one of the lucky ones.  My husband informed me that the sawing noises I hear are from several trees being knocked down around the neighborhood.  One tree, he told me, was about fifty feet tall.  Thankfully it missed the housing area.

I'm always prepared for bad weather.  Brought up where I was I learned to keep oil lamps full, candles and flashlights on hand and matches out where I can access them.  I freak with high wind storms.  I've seen what the fury of the wind can do to a person's home, land, and personal property.  Give me rain, thunder, lightening, hail, and snow and I'm all for tucking in for a long nap.  Wind will keep me up all night.

When our lights flickered off and on for a few hours I asked my spouse if he wanted to head to bed early.  I'd rather not be near any large windows.  Yes, I'm that afraid.  So we retired early.  I stayed up reading until past 0100hrs.  Overwhelming fatigue finally closed my eyes.

This morning dawned with a brightness that made me think of Summer.  We didn't have a Summer season here this year.  We had perhaps a total of a week, sporadic days adding up, of warm weather this year.  With my fibromyalgia I can often forget what day, week, or month it is so that when I saw the brightness of this morning I thought, "oh its July".  Nope, not even close.

One more thing to wake up to was what I saw in my email.  It seems as though, not only is the Gov't going to try to pass a pay freeze of three years on military pay its also going to cut benefits and charge more to veterans.  Not nice.  One more line is drawn in the war on the Gov't.

Maybe the politicians, in order to cut spending, should consider freezing their own pay or perhaps even cutting their own wages by twenty percent.

Maybe they should consider freezing the pay of the Gov't contractor too.  Some of the Gov't contractors are paid more than my spouse for the same work.

Oh I have plenty more ideas on how to save money.  How about letting the Army Engineers do the work of the Army Corps of Engineers, who are civilians?  Less pay out per person by having a soldier do the work and its good for training to keep their skill levels on par with civilians.

How about running the military with military personal?  I go to JAG and find civilians working there.  I'm sure some E-1 to E-6 could fill the slot of the clerk position easily enough.

Same goes with the military medical treatment facilities.  Have the military fill those slots too.  I bet we could save some money with just those changes.

Plus being military run and military filled they'd better understand how the families feel and help with their needs than the bureaucrats that presently fill those positions.   When soldiers are deployed and I go to see a civilian contracted medical person I don't get a doctor but I do get a PA or Nurse.  I used to have a military medical doctor, yes a real doctor, but not anymore.  Seems as though the Gov't would rather out source and pay more.  But this is just my opinion.

Go to  the link below and read what the Gov't wants to change and how it might just affect you.

After reading the article and my thoughts, please feel free to share your opinion below.  I'd love to read your comments.

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