Friday, September 7, 2012

CD 12 4 DPO

So Nurse S called me yesterday with my 1DPO labs.

LH:    10.05
FSH:    4.63
P4:       0.23
E2:    316

Remember all of the numbers above are with a natural cycle.  No stims or support.

Nurse S asked if I was recruiting follicles.  I told her no I had just ovulated.  I was a bit concerned with the progesterone being so low.  Nurse S said the level was okay for having just ovulated.  She said the doctor didn't want me on progesterone support, at least now.  Finally they are realizing there might be an issue with the endometriosis and my progeterone levels.

I called back today, yesterday it was rather late when Nurse S called me.  I asked Nurse J if I could get a P4 for next week.  I actually had to argue with her a bit.  I hate when she plays know it all.  Finally her mind clicked on to what I was asking.  I was asking for the day 7-10 Progesterone test (P4) to ensure my levels were rising accordingly.

So Monday being day 7 you know I"ll have my arm out for a lab draw.  Nurse J said that she would be more than willing to put the request into the system now that she understands.

Thursday next week I'm going to start POAS.  If it shows even the faintest lines I'm going to call my doctor and tell them what is going on especially if the lab work shows low numbers.  I'm getting way too old to play these games with the medical staff.

Now about the ETSY shop, no sales yet but I'm still hoping that I'll get some soon.  I posted more baby stuff today.  Every day I'm working on creating more items for the shop.  I think these turned out so cute!


  1. GRRR Dont let them play games with you! Life is just too short! I dont understand why "health professionals" Dont take other peoples health seriously! I MEAN COME ON!
    Start caring or get a different job!

    1. Unfortunately not everyone loves their job, they mostly love the paycheck. Nurse J got totally silent with me today on the phone and didn't answer my questions. I have a history with her not being a nice person.

    2. thats ridiculous! can you report her or something?!

    3. Would love to but when I've mentioned it to the doctors they basically ignore her lack of personality.


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