Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quick Post

I bought more yarn.

I ran out last week.

Though I promised myself that I wouldn't buy more yarn until I sold something in my Etsy shop I couldn't resist the urge I had.

I swear that I'm addicted to yarn.

Oh and I just found a bunch more baby patterns that I'm going to have to try out for hats and booties. 


  1. Rebecca, thanks for stopping by! There are worse things than yarn addictions. You really do beautiful work ... went to visit your Etsy store, too.

    Happy ICLW! (And isn't Keiko amazing?! Yeah, some day I will be that amazing when I grow up.)

    1. Thank you for visiting my shop and for the compliment. I love reading what Keiko has to say about infertility.

  2. I have an enormous yarn stash because, yes, yarn is addicting. I don't even knit that much anymore because knitting with kids around is nearly impossible. For me anyway. ;) ICLW

    1. I love to knit and crochet. Hopefully one day I won't have as much time with the distraction of children too.


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