Monday, September 10, 2012

CD 15 7DPO

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Well as I type this I'm waiting to get the results from my lab work at 0845 hrs.  I have to wait at least until 1045 hrs to call the clinic.

I'm glad I went into my clinic today before going to the lab.  I was going to request that the blood draw be a STAT.  Turns out that Nurse J never even had Major S put in the lab request.  Now I'm not liking Major S or Nurse J all that much today.  Guessing Dr.B. was on hand today as the blood work paper stated his name on it and not Major S.
Nurse S is wonderful.  I spoke with her and told her what is going on with me symptom wise.  I'm afraid to say that I think I might be developing another ovarian cyst.  So Nurse S had Dr.B.  (one of whom did my surgery the other being Lt.Col. B) put in my request for an E2 level as well as the  P4.

symptoms today:
bi-lateral pelvic pain
back ache
sore breasts
uterine cramping
fatigue from having a week of insomnia (it's getting to be hard to fall asleep at night.  maybe I should take naps during the day?)

I'm really hoping the E2 level is going down from the 316 of last week Tuesday.  When my estrogen is up my breasts start to hurt along with the other symptoms listed above.  Oh I realize they could also be PMS or early pregnancy symptoms.  I'm so used to the ovarian cyst pain symptoms though that I doubt it could be anything else.

I'll blog about the lab results once I find out what they are.


  1. Glad I am not the only one having issues with my clinic today. Anxious to hear about your results!

  2. Sorry you are feeling so badly. It is so frustrating. I remember when I finally got my BFP I was sure it was my endometriosis symptoms and upcoming period. It is so hard to tell because all of those things trigger the same symptoms.
    I currently have 3 large endometriomas and they flare up every time I am premenstrual, have my period, or am ovulating (basically all of the time). They drive me crazy. I am not really interested in having yet another surgery to remove them so I just deal with it.
    I wish we had more options with this stupid disease. Some days I am tempted to have a hysterectomy but then I quickly change my mind.
    I hope you feel better soon!

    1. I've noticed the same when I had the chocolate cysts. Before my surgery in June I had one of them wedged between my uterus and bladder. That was no fun!

  3. Given your history with cysts you would think everyone in the office would get your test results done ASAP! I'm sorry they are being so difficult and I really really hope it's not another cyst. Thinking of you and wishing you a good night's sleep xoxo

    1. Finally heard from them at 1455 hrs. I'm guessing they just had a really busy Monday.


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