Monday, September 3, 2012

CD 8

The line is growing darker today.  Yay!  Unfortunately in the past two days I've gained 1.6 pounds.  Seems like I might have an issue with fluid retention which could mean the cyst is still there on the right side.  Well the pain is bilateral so I can only guess right now.  Tomorrow's appointment will hopefully yield a few answers.

I forgot to trim the strings back on these baby booties before I took photos of them.  I noted said trimming in the item description on my ETSY shop.  J loves these booties.  I'm waiting for him to ask me to make him a pair of crocheted slippers from the same yarn.

Today I listed just four pairs of baby booties.  Go have a look see.  I still have several more pairs in different colors to list.  I finished another hat last night and will create another today.  I'll probably list more baby items on Wednesday.  Tomorrow I'll list more of my jewelry.

J ticked me off this morning.  I had just weighed myself and found out that I had gained 0.8 pounds overnight.  I asked him to bring the two full laundry baskets to the laundry room so that I could do the wash.  (Yes, even with my severely sprained ankle I'm still trying to do things around the house.  And yes it hurts like heck.)  He dropped a pair of my panties on his way to the laundry room.  His comment was, "I thought the basket felt light.".  Oh my I saw red.  My comment to him was, "do you want me to slap your face for that insult?".  I of course did not do him any violence but I let him know that I wasn't going to take his insult.  He of course immediately back peddled and said he didn't mean to insult me.  Sure. Sure.  I know when he insults me.  I'd rather he just tell me that I'm getting fat than to insult me.  My pelvic region is sticking out, looking like I'm nearing my second trimester, from the bloat.  Like I said in the first paragraph I'll find out the probable cause of the weight gain tomorrow.


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