Saturday, September 8, 2012

CD 13 5DPO

Interesting day yesterday.

I fired my lawyer.

I got really annoyed by someone that I thought I could trust.  No not the husband.

I had pain on the left side in my pelvis.

So lets start with the lawyer.  I fired my work comp lawyer yesterday.  I need a letter from the firm stating that I no longer use them as representation.  For four years I haven't received a dime of monies owed to me.  My TENs unit died they say they can't help me.  Turns out they archived my case a few years ago.  Yes, archived it as in they don't care.  So I'm going to deal directly with the insurance carrier myself.  I spoke with them on the phone yesterday.  They instructed me what to do and gave me the name of my case worker.  Funny I had just asked my lawyer who my case worker was and they gave me the wrong name and a non-working number.  Mind you this was before I called them back and told them that they were fired.  They have no clue what is going on with my case.  I explained to the insurance company that I recently re-injured the same body part.   Its chronically unstable or so my doctors have told me.

Now as for the betrayer of my trust.  I'd like to write quite a bit about it on here but unfortunately the offender does occasionally read my blog.  Let's just say that I can no longer trust this person and will slowly wean off contact with them.  It will just seem like we've grown apart is all.  I've told my husband about this person and one other person that is a blogger and good friend on facebook.  I know my husband and my friend on facebook won't rat me out.

Last night I had some pain on the left side of my pelvis.  This morning my uterus was feeling really tight when I did my morning stretches.  I went pee, wiped of course, and noticed a tan-ish discharge in the mucus.  Kind of early for the spotting of my period to begin.  Still might be a bit early for implantation bleeding to start.  Though it is possible I suppose I mean my body is weird like that.  I did ovulate on CD 8 which is really early.  Well whatever it is I'll know more about what is going on in my body on Monday when I get my P4 levels checked.  Hopefully Nurse J marked it stat and not routine.  If its routine I could be waiting days to find out my levels.  Maybe I should stop by their clinic first to ask if they could mark it stat for me?

ETSY shop is updated with two new items today.  J is busy making an antiqued silver color (gunmetal) chainmaille bracelet today.  I'll post it when he is finished.  Could take him another week to finish it since he is really busy with his homework today too.


  1. WOW. they had archived your case?! that is lame! YOURE not done with your pain, or the care that you need, so they def shouldnt be done with you! AHHH and that lawyer! Not having the right name or number! WTF OVER?!

    I hope nurse J did mark it stat, BUT with what you have said about her,... who knows.

    YEAH i totally understand what you mean about the whole I wish i could rant but that person may or may not read my blog. I am still really new to this whole blogging thing, if I would have done things differently I would NOT have reposted all of my blog posts on to FB OR given out my URL to everyone. There are times I really just want to vent about the fam and find myself talking lightly and gently about it. :C Sorry that person broke you trust and confidence, that is always a disappointment. I have very few friends left so I know how that can go

    1. I feel so used by this particular "friend" too. I told J what I had planned about slowly removing myself from their friendship.

      J said he'll try to remind me to ask Nurse J about having it be a stat order.

      More uterine cramping sensations...mild. Could be the endometriosis though rather than implantation.

    2. :C When you give yourself happily to others because you love them and then they just use you. they turn you gift into something to hurt you with!

      Hopefully you can just call her to have her change it. GRR I soo wish that you could report her in some meaningful way!

      OK OK OK yes it could be the endometriosis and only you know your body. I just worry (i tell this to my sisters who are struggling to get pregnant) that we all try to protect ourselfs from heartbreak but sometimes we psyc ourselves out the other way too. IDK just my two unasked for cents, I hope I didnt step on a toe or two!

    3. I'm truly hoping that its the good and not the endo. But I'm wary.

      Yeah that person isn't much of a friend to have done what they did.

      Fingers crossed I can get Nurse J to do what I want.

  2. Your lawyer sounds like a lazy piece of work! That is awful. I'm sorry they haven't been doing their job. I hope you have better luck on your own!

    It really sucks when someone betrays your trust like that. I'm sorry that happened to you.

    1. I'm really hoping that I can work things out with the insurance agent myself.

      I just can't believe that the friend did this.

  3. I can't believe that your lawyer did that to you! What the heck is wrong with people? I really hope you can get what is legitimately due to you. Sorry that you feel betrayed by someone in your life. That had to be a hard situation.

    1. My lawyer is looking for a big money case is my guess.

      You know who the betrayer is since I was chatting with you about it the other day. Just don't mention names in case said person reads my blog.

  4. 1. You should consider contactint thE Wash state bar about the lawyer. They have an ethical duty to you. Sounds like you might have a bar complaint.

    2. I had a similar trust breaking situation. With someone who reads my blog. I'm sorry you have to deal with that.

    3. Sorry for typos. My phone won't let me go back and change them.

    1. 1. Problem is that my lawyer is in NY state where I filed my case.
      2. Said friend will be removed from friendship over the next year. I detest people that only want to use me.
      3. Don't worry about the typos. I make them all the time. LOL


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