Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sunshine But No Roses

I posted this item in my shop this morning.  It's one of my own design and more favorite of pieces.

Well I've got the sunshine this morning but there are no roses.  Not even in my cheeks.  I think that the only place the roses are might just be in my throat as it's red and the tonsils are swollen.

Last night I complained while eating dinner, ribs that were really tender that I made myself, that chewing hurt.  After dinner while flossing I noticed that I had swollen gums and cut marks where my wisdom teeth used to be.  The gums has swollen so much that they had cracked.  I kid you not.  Then I looked down my throat and oh Joy!  I'm blaming it on the poor air quality that we have right now.  There are some fires less than an hour away and our news has reported the bad air quality.  Maybe this is the reason why I had a fever yesterday when the nurse checked my temp?

J has a sore throat and a headache too.  I can only imagine how many other folks are having respiratory  issues from the forest fires that live closer to it than do I.

So today I'm taking my herbal knowledge to the pot.  I'm going to boil up rose hips, lavender, echinacea, hibiscus, and chamomile to make a nice tea for my throat.  I would add in licorice root but I don't want to bring on endometriosis pain or diarrhea.  I'd make some for J but he likes having the licorice root in his tea.  Besides he has some ready made packets.  Oh and I'm going to use blackberry honey as a sweetener.  My cousin provided me with a container of the organic variety.

The RE office did get back to me yesterday.  I have a follow up appointment scheduled for the 1st of October.  Can you believe that is the soonest they could get me in with the amount of pain I've been in?  Since my two favorite doctors have left the clinic the place has gone to hell.  At least I still have some pain killers on hand.

Yesterday I took an hour away from drudgery and decided to draw.  I drew a really cool dragon on shrink plastic.  I mean even J thought it looked amazing except that I made the dragon's eye green and not yellow or red.  Picky picky picky.  Damn Virgo.  I have never used shrink plastic before and thought it would be cool to add a few things to my shop.  If it hadn't been for one corner curling up and a few bubble in the darn thing I would have created a cool window piece.  I was hoping to give it to J as a gift.  Frustrated, since it was ruined I cut it with my industrial scissors and loved feeling it shatter.  Next attempt will be later today.  I haven't put my drawing skills to use in years and I'm rusty but I'm having fun.


  1. hope your throat feels better soon.
    I love the necklace!

    1. Actually it's feeling much better today. The tea always helps with its boost of vitamin c from the rose hips.


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