Thursday, September 20, 2012

Yet Another Beginning

I posted this hat in my shop this morning.  Matching booties are also listed in their area of my shop.

AF is almost here.  She'll most likely arrive with all her baggage later today.  Some of her stuff is already here.  Ugh!

Had to reach for the tramadol twice since midnight.  Fetal position just makes the pain worse.

I can already tell this weekend is going to suck!

In other news, I'm working on a few projects more military related.  I think what I'm developing will become key chains.  I want to try to keep the price down so I'll not be charging for my labor but mainly for the cost plus a bit.

Here is what I'm been giving my neck a crick over the past few days:
Each acrylic patch is roughly 1.5 inches long with a hole in it.  I still have to attach a ring to the hole and whatever else I plan on using to making it hang.  Mind you I started with a photo of a patch and drew free hand the majority of the design.  None of them are perfect when looked at close up.  There are a few unfortunate smudges in the the development that were out of my hands.

This morning I managed to dye my hair.  If I'm going to have a crappy weekend I'm going to at least look pretty.

Let me know what you think about the mini acrylic patches and how much I should charge for them when made into key chains.  Again all of the money made from my shop does go to pay for my infertility treatments since they are not covered by my insurance. 


  1. Those patches are great! You do a great job with the detail. I proudly served in the Air Force (forever ago) and would have loved to have had my unit's patches done like this. Very cool.

    1. Since I'm not up to date on the Air Force patches I'll have to look up the designs. I grew up next to a SAC base.


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