Friday, September 14, 2012

CD 19 11DPO

These two items went into my shop today.  They are real coral, antiqued genuine Thai silver and something called aragonite which is the yellow bead. I enjoyed making this set as the colors cheered me up.

Now I need to send out thanks to all my friends and follows that leave me comments.  Thank you for being so supportive.

I believe that after testing again this morning the cycle is a bust.  But that is okay too. No, seriously it is okay.  Each failed cycle is a learning session for me.  Since Major S would like me on a form of progesterone to get my cycle to shed each time without cysts I think I'll just ask and hope that they allow me to do progesterone support after ovulation instead.  I can ask  and if they say no, well then okay too but I hate when they contradict themselves.  Monday's lab draw will show my hormone levels and hopefully give them a clue as to how to proceed since they have stated emphatically that they will no longer stimulate my ovaries because I only grow more cysts.  Okay well I grow cysts without the stimulation too.

Last night I convinced my pessimistic husband, he wasn't always a pessimist, to watch with me a PBS special called the The Happiness Advantage.  He sat through the video and took notes!  He thinks that he can implement the ideas and I really hope he does try.  I already knew most of the techniques from my DBT and J should have too from his DBT class that he recently took. I was starting to think that he slept through most of his DBT classes.

Its pretty simple and I'll list the notes that J took last night.
 5 Habits of Happiness
  1. The Three Gratitudes.  For 21 days write down 3 new things that you are grateful for each day.  If married share them with your spouse before bed.
  2. The Doubler.  Think of a meaningful experience from each day and write down everything you can think about it.
  3. Fun Fifteen.  Add 15 minutes of fun activity each day--- must be mindful and physically active, ie: think exercise like walking, or playing Frisbee with your dog.
  4. The Ripple Effect.  Consciously add 3 random smiles.  You might find that by the third smile it's contagious.  Try it out in a public place.  Note:  try holding a pen horizontally in your mouth it makes you smile.
  5. Charge your Happiness Battery.  For 21 days think of a different person and write them a 2 minute note or email.
Today I'm going to start to follow this list because I know that right now with the pain I'm in I could use a happiness boost.


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    1. Decided not to test today. Figured I'd just wait it out now.


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