Friday, September 28, 2012

Bitter Taste

I added this item to my shop this morning.  I've been busy making other baby items too of which I'll be listing soon.  I'll have to get back to making more booties while I'm at the hook.

So for the title.  It's for three reasons. 

First I'd have to say the bitter taste is from the dental work yesterday.  This temporary cap tastes a bit bitter with all the adhesives they used on it.  Plus it is a bit high.  But I was warned that it would start off a bit high then shrink down so I guess all is okay or will be soon enough.  Had a bit of fun with my heart during the septocaine administration yesterday.  Heart slowed down but pounded really hard each slow beat.  The dentist was a bit concerned when I told her about the arrhythmia related to my breathing and the left atrium.  She said the epinephrine from the anesthetic might cause me some shaking and chest pains but she was ready to handle it.

Next the bitter taste is from a former infertile.  Oh that was real fun yesterday.  I think I'll start calling FB Fertile Book like a few others.  Seriously all I did was congratulate one of my husband's former co-workers on her pregnancy.  Doubt she knows the word viability.  She was never that infertile to even have a worry about that bit.  She is now at the end of her second trimester.

So back to where I was.  I congratulated her.  I stated that I was envious too.  Then we started PMing each other.  She gives me AssVice. 

I spoke with a friend on fertile book as this person was giving me the assvice.  T thanks for being there.  Really now if praying did the job the world's population would not be only 7 billion, most likely double and for that fact which god do we pray to so that we get knocked up easily?  There are a lot of religions out there with a lot of babies being born.  If follistim did it alone for all of us infertiles we wouldn't need IVF or IUI.  And if you are going to tell me that just because you are a year younger than me that it "can happen to you" I'm going to get livid and stop talking to you.  Oh and definitely don't be telling me that I need to exercise more during pregnancy.  First off the problem for me is in getting pregnant.  Secondly my doctors, because of my heart, like me to take it easy!

Sheesh for a so called infertile she sure did get amnesia as soon as she got pregnant.  Why do they do that?  Is it so hard to not go out there and give assvice?  Just because you are pregnant it doesn't mean I'll get pregnant too on the first try with your method that your doctor prescribed for you.

I think that after trying for 17 years I can honestly say that if I can't go through with donor eggs my journey will stop.  There will be no going forward.  I will just veer off in the direction of living childless.  I want to say that I'm okay with that but right now I'm not.  I will be some day but for now it's going to take some time to adjust.

No, having children in my future does not look promising.  J's career with the Army looks like it's drawing to a close.  Even if this CO does decide to have a change of heart it still has to go through two other higher ranking individuals for him to get approved. 

Thanks for the budget cuts Prez.  You want our soldiers to be knowledgeable about their jobs and have the experience for war fighting but yet you want to cut back on the good soldiers and let the slackers that can't be touched stay in.  Yes, there are some that can't be touched because they are on disciplinary actions.  They will some day get booted out but until then they are taking up spaces for soldiers that are willing to do their jobs but instead the good ones are shown the door.

There are the three reasons why I have a bitter taste in my mouth today.  Dental, infertile assvice, and military stupidity.


  1. I hate advice! I never asked for it so keep it to yourself. I couldn't get pregnant because my eggs suck and I barely have any. My sister in law told me to freeze them, so freakin annoying.

    1. Yeah, like freezing them is going to make them any better? Ugh! I hate when people give such stupid advice. I say stop the advice unless you have at least an M.D. after your name. There are some nurses that I've met up with that think they are gods and know it all too. Not to slight anyone as I have nurses in my family mind you. But seriously I'm not going to keep taking bad advice.

  2. I use to give assvice all of the time!! I just wanted to be helpful to my sisters who are going through IF. SO i would google things and tell them stuff like "maybe you just need to relax more" etc and anything else I would find on google. Then I realized my mistake and looked in to what they were going through. and other sites with "what not to say or do" sections really helped me out.

    1. The difference between you and the others out there is the fact that you are wanting to learn and they are just trying to write it off.


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