Tuesday, September 4, 2012

CD 9 Good News

My date with Wanda went fairly well today.  We have a new RE in the clinic and I got to see her.  Both Drs B are out right now.  One went TDY for three months and the other is on vacation today.  Oh well I'll have to adjust.

I have to say though that this Major S is a bit condescending and to the wrong person.  I hate doctors that think they know it all when they don't.  She tried to tell me that if I went with PNW for my oocycte purchase (hey think about what I'm paying...its not really a donation since I'm not getting a dinner special with it) they would have to transfer the embryo and thaw it at SRM.  I'm like, "no they won't".  I'm paying out 18k for it to all be done, except for the monitoring, at PNW.  She was, "I'll have to check on that while you get dressed.".

Suffice it to say, I was right.  Thank you to Stephanie at sometimes its hard to get pregnant for informing me all about what I need to know in advance.  I had already discussed all of the ins and outs with Lt.Col. B before he went TDY.  Oh and I told Major S that bit but she is stubborn to say the least.

Now on to some bit of good news.
The 5 cm cyst on the right side is now 2.5 cm.  YAY!
My OPK yesterday showed a surge.  I used the information yesterday wisely and will again today.
The ultrasound showed that indeed I did ovulate on the left side.  A 30 mm cyst is what it probably was Major S said and it's collapsing in on itself now.  Okay so 30mm probably means the egg was over ripe but hey, I ovulated on my own and I still have a chance.

Now since its only CD 8 when I ovulated, we know I ovulate early, I have about a 16 wait in my two week wait.  I'm far from normal ladies.  My cycle is normally 25-27 days.  So 16 is about right.

I told J he has to be very nice to me until I either test positive on the hcg or see red again.  No stressing me out.

So I'm officially in my two week wait ladies.  Fingers crossed it worked.  My labs will be in tomorrow for the P4, E2, FSH, LH that Major S ordered.  She didn't put stat on them so it's just routine.

If J gets to re-enlist, we'll know more in October, I'll be put on hormones right off and be on the phone with the clinic in Seattle to get the donor egg going asap.

Side note:  I lost 1.8 pounds overnight.  Finally the bloat is coming off again.  Looks like the Endo Diet is truly helping to shrink the ovarian cysts.

 J created this last night for my ETSY shop.
I made this one and will list it tomorrow maybe.
And I made this one too.  So maybe I'll add more hats and booties tomorrow.


  1. Good luck with your TWW and great news that you may be able to move forward with the DE cycle soon. Pretty bracelet!

    1. I have doubts that the egg quality is up there but it doesn't hurt to hope.

  2. Wow, that's early! Good luck to you. Sorry the new doctor was a bit rude though.

    1. I usually ovulate early. It can be quite annoying for the REs

  3. Good luck with the two week wait! Dont get stressed out! And so glad that your cysts are going down on their own.

    I hope that J makes up his mind on if he is staying in. Once you guys have a plan it will be easier for you to make decisions about your future

    1. Its not really his choice. Since the Army is downsizing they are now over-strength in his MOS. If you had stayed in you also would have had to of made a choice of a new MOS or get booted out. Now he just needs to pass an APFT, which will be rather interesting since he is only allowed to do one event right now with recovery from the surgery still on going.

  4. Great news all around! :) And wow your husband made that necklace?! :)

    1. Actually he did make me a necklace just like the bracelet I have in the photo above. But the necklace is mine to keep. LOL J is quite talented with chainmaille. One day he'll finish the bikini he started for me.


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