Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wee Bit Of Stress

I posted this item in my shop this morning.  I'll be posting more of them over the next few weeks.

Last night I finished another preemie to newborn sized baby hat in a print.  I also managed to start a preemie size hat too.  But it didn't stop the headache.

I'm stressed.  I know J must be too.  But last night the headache was bad.  While washing my face before bed and blotting it dry I pulled back the cloth and found blood.  I couldn't figure out where it was coming from.  Even J couldn't find a cut on my face or arm where I felt the water running off to.  Water always seems to run down my right arm as I splash my face to remove the cleanser.

So with some more blotting I finally found where.  I had a nose bleed.  My face was reddish from the scrub so I didn't realize that my nose was bleeding.  See what happens when you take your glasses off?  Can't see.

I think I need to calm down.  Last night was a headache and nosebleed.  The night before was chest pains and slow pulse with skipping heart beats.    If I don't find an outlet for my stress I'm going to give myself another heart attack.

But a bit of good news for me at least.  This morning I had another sale of baby items waiting for me to fill from my online shop.  Made me happy for a few minutes at least.

This afternoon I head to the dentist for them to remove the build up they put in place and start working on the crown.  I like the build up.  Not sure why I need a crown.  I can't understand why it has to be so expensive either.  But I'll have to suck it up and do what needs to be done.  As if I can afford to be risking my health right now and complaining about bills.  I am complaining.  I'm worried.  I can see that money I'll be paying out tonight and it hurts.  One more appointment after this one tonight to get the final crown piece put in place.  Just what I need, another tooth sensitive to hot and cold.

Enough.  Time to count my blessings.

I'm alive.  That is a good start.

My spouse loves me.

I enjoy my job.  It doesn't pay much right now but I have hope it will pay out more later on.

I have my health.

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