Saturday, September 29, 2012

Not Sure What To Say

I posted this item in my shop this morning.

Not sure what to say or where to begin this morning.  So much is on my mind.

Maybe I could start with the OPK results?  For the past two mornings they have been positive.  Probably the stress is keeping the surge up.  But I'm using this as a good sign. 

Things haven't been going well for my mate.  The Cpt in charge right now said no.  He was supposed to find out more information about J's abilities but it looks as though, I could be wrong mind you, that he didn't.  Maybe he didn't care.  Maybe he was just busy.

SSG that works with J wrote him a glowing recommendation for re-enlistment.  Now they need to wait until they have in writing what the Cpt said so that they can write a rebuttal.

Seriously I don't get it.  Why would they want to toss away a guy who's lowest line score was in the 130's and his highest  line score was in the 160's?  GT Score was 136. He scored a 98 out of a possible 99 on the ASVAB.  Are they nuts?  He went in with his bachelors degree in hand.  They didn't have to lose time with him trying to get his education.  J has taken upon him at each duty station leadership responsibilities.  So all it takes is one Rear-D commander to not notice J, find nothing exemplary to write about J, probably because he didn't know J or ask about J to begin with and now J has no chance?  Yes I'm pissed and I'm rambling on.

Hopefully taking the next step will help J's chances.  The next step is the Major.  I'd write his last name here but you all know I try to not put names with ranks for PERSEC/OPSEC reasons.  One of my followers had the same last name that she made her first name a few years back...hint for her.  Wondering if she knows this major or if they are related.  If you are reading this let me know because I'm curious.

So anyway, if the Major says yes it goes to the Col.  But the Col could still say no.  I know the Col.  Had lunch with him and his wife at the volunteer luncheon award thingy earlier this year.  I had been sitting alone when they asked to sit with me.  I'm not a rank snob.  I'm a civilian.  We seemed to have a lot in common, however, the chance of them remembering my last name and putting it to a piece of paper that comes across the desk is another thing.  I know I kept praising my spouse at the luncheon, I always do that to anyone unless I'm pissed off at him.  It doesn't matter if its civilians I'm talking to or military---so again not a rank snob.  I love J and I know how much being in the military means to him.

This is the first real job where J feels at home.  He feels like he belongs.  He really does enjoy the military.  He didn't just join up for the benefits and the pay he joined because he is patriotic.  He loves America and he had a chance to prove it.  No he isn't a hero that rescued a platoon of doomed soldiers with one arm while saving drowning kittens with the other.    J is a proud American that felt when he lost his job at the engineering firm it was time to serve his county.  The day after 9/11, when J was still in college, he wanted to join up but the recruiter reminded him that he had a path in college and could better serve his country after he finished college.  They needed leaders.  He wanted to lead.  So for some Cpt that doesn't know him to say that he doesn't see leadership ability in my spouse, well it hurts.

Getting to be a long rant I realize.  But there is a bit more.  Hang on.

When J was stationed in Korea both of the NCOs (SSG and SFC) and Chief Warrant went on leave at the same time leaving J in charge of the shop.  J did quite well on his own for that week including attending a staff meeting.  Not bad for someone that wasn't an NCO.

While at NTC his first time J was called the machine.  His contribution to his team was noted.

When his unit here was given two new soldiers, fresh out of the schoolhouse, he was given the job of being their leader.  He had to prepare them for their deployment too.

So what I'm saying is that this Cpt., who is a nice guy mind you, doesn't know my spouse's abilities because he was thrown into the job after the main body left.  He has no clue.  So now that when the time has come to have J re-enlist it seems as though no one is around to testify to his ability to lead.


  1. How frustrating for both of you. I really hope it turns in your favor.

    1. We do too. If not he'll start ACAPPing this coming week. At least he can start looking for another job.

  2. Um, that's BS! Has he gone in and sold himself to the Cpt? Had him review his past NCOERs? Can he reach out to one of the CPTs he worked under who is deployed and ask him to give the rearD a call? Or he could go approach the MAJ who will review it. I hope this works out for you!!!

    1. He said to me just now that he tried to sell himself to the Cpt. He isn't an NCO so he said he doesn't have any NCOERs. I won't use his language to say what he said that forward element did to him but you can guess. They are headed to the Major next. I hope it works out too.

  3. Sorry for the stress and uncertainty of everything right now. I really hope that things work out alright and get better. Keeping you both in my thoughts.

    1. Me too. Thanks. Things are a bit insane here right now.

  4. Most ALL of my relatives are in another country. So far as I know, and again with so few being in the states (maybe 20) There are no relatives in the military.

    I would have J ask all of his former leaders to write recomendations for him. That would go along way I would think.

    Thats soo sad that as of now he is not able to re-enlist. :C

    1. J started contacting his former coworkers of rank that might be able to help him. So far he has all of the ones he has contacted here locally willing to help him out.

      Fingers crossed. He'll get with his/your former MSG this week and ask him next.


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