Thursday, September 13, 2012

CD 18 10DPO

I listed this hat at my shop  today.  Someone added the blue version of this particular hat to their treasury list.  I'm so happy to know that someone out there likes what I'm creating.

I called my RE office today and left a message requesting that the P4 and E2 be added to Monday's labs.  Nurse J called me back and said that she added it on for me.  Nope, no mention to me about the rest of the message I left.  I told them that I had been in chronic pain.  It hurts to walk with the pain radiating down my right leg from the pelvis.  I swear if it was Nurse M or Nurse S I would have been told to come in asap.

Oh well!

Yesterday I reviewed the full copy of medical records sent to my address.  Seems that they included more than just the infertility ones.  I'm okay with that.  I found out something interesting from the last visit with the cardiologist that was in his personal notes.  I'll get to that in a minute.  What I did notice in my infertility records is that only Lt.Col. B. refers to me as Rebecca.   All the other doctors have referred to me in their notes by age and female patient.   Is there any wonder why I like Lt.Col. B. so much?  He has a wonderful beside manner too.  I just wish that he wasn't away from the clinic right now.

After scouring all my reports I have this to say:  the transcribers need to learn how to spell and to check what they are typing out.  The doctors need to listen up.  Two large errors:  1)  I am not bipolar I have borderline personality disorder and yes there is a difference, 2) I do not have children.  They keep listing me as having two children.  When did I have them?  Are they invisible to me and my spouse?  So I'll need to address this little issue with my record when next I see my PCM which will be Monday.  At least they finally got my race corrected.

Now for the cardiology report.
Telemetry ECG: Sinus rhythm with sinus arrhythmia 77 beats per minute, normal axis, no pathologic Q waves, left atrial abnormality, QRS 84 ms, QTC 450 seconds.

I looked this up.  It seems to go hand in hand with the diagnosis that I was given  22 years ago in an ER by the neurologist, Dr. Mosby I think was his name,  that saw me that day.  I was given propranolol to take care of the issue while the patient in the bed next to me was given anti-anxiety meds.  I thought that there must have been a mistake since I was only 21 at the time.  There wasn't but I didn't like the side effects of the medicine and trashed it.  My diagnosis back then was abnormally shaped heart with mitral valve prolapse starting.  So yes, I still have the issue but its still not going to kill me any time soon.  It seems as though only my respirations are affecting the sinus rhythm right now and I have no intention of holding my breath.   I'm on labetalol since the heart attack I had in March of 2009.  Life goes on.

Oh and the hpt was stark white again today.  I think we have a cyst growing.
sore breasts
pelvic pain bilateral with some uterine cramping
vivid dreams and some nightmares


  1. I'm sorry about the ongoing heart stuff. I hope labetalol has fewer side effects for you than propranolol.

    I know you've mentioned PT before--did you end up getting it, specifically for pelvic floor issues? Is that how you got the TENS? My dad is sending me his TENS so hopefully I won't have to buy one/haggle with insurance.

    1. No the PT didn't go through to the nearest place for me they decided that they wanted to send me an hour away for it and that is just too far.

      I got my TENs unit about 6 years ago when I injured my left ankle at my old work place. It died so yeah, um, nothing but acetaminophen for me now.

  2. Replies
    1. Meh didn't really expect to see two lines with my eggs but it would have been nice.

  3. Sorry to hear about the ongoing heart issues too. And the errors in your records... that is ridiculous.

    1. Well, hopefully I'll remember to talk to the nurse on Monday before the doctor arrives about making those changes. I could have sworn my doctor went over that list with me once before and deleted the bipolar...its like an evil shadow that keeps creeping back on some how.

  4. GRR yeah Doctors can suck so hard. Too bad they cant all be caring.

    you had a heart attack in 2009? Wow that must have been very difficult and scary for you. You are such a strong person!

    1. Terrisse, I thought you knew. You and J were out in the field that March when it happened. He took me to the ER and Gross gave him a day off to be with me. Because you guys were in the field I refused to let the doctors keep me for the 5 days they wanted. I said I could do all their testing out patient and I didn't need to stay in the hospital where I wouldn't get sleep with all the noises of the machines. That and I said that J couldn't spare the time to keep visiting me as Gross didn't understand.

    2. Yes, now that you mentioned that I do remember but for some reason I though J had said that they THOUGHT it was a heart attack,... and that it was just a panic attack in the end, or some such (IDK to be honest and it was quite a while ago)


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