Sunday, September 16, 2012

Slow Sunday

I put this item in my shop this morning.

Today has been a really slow start for us here.  I'm currently working on my book review post, reading another book, finishing up another baby hat, and doing laundry.  Sounds like a lot but it isn't really.

J was doing his homework this morning and is now cleaning the bathroom.  He likes to use strong chemicals when he cleans and with my asthma I have to be in another part of the house.  Every Sunday it's the same thing; cleaning the house.

Now that I've thrown myself into my Etsy shop full time I don't have the time for much else.  In a few months I'll have a lull again where I don't have to create as much for listing.  Right now I'm preparing for the upcoming holiday season which means, like last night, I was working on a project until 2100 hrs.

Tomorrow I do plan on giving back a bit to our household by making ribs for dinner.  Most likely I'll have to start their marinade tonight if they are going to be ready for finger licking goodness tomorrow evening.

On a side note, the heirloom tomatoes are starting to ripen up nicely.  J picked one of the Brandewine variety on Friday and several more are ready today.  It took long enough to get some decent growing weather here.

I'm a bit happier this morning because I have my bagel.  Still no sales so it's not an over the top kind of day as of yet.  I used to do a happy dance when someone would make a purchase in my shop.

Tomorrow is the blood draw.  I'm hoping for a bit of good news in the normalization of my hormones.  No spottting yet so I've no clue when AF is going to show up.  Usually it starts 5 days before hand for me and with tomorrow being 14 dpo I'm a bit confused.  Still really tired, hungry, bit of sore breasts, emotional so this leads me to believe it can't be much longer.


  1. You are definitely one crafty lady and I love all of your stuff! Not sure what to say about all the tww stuff though. You definitely know your body better then anyone else. I have been rooting for you guys to get pregnant naturally so you didn't have to go the donor route. Either way though, just rooting for you to get that bfp anyway you can.

  2. Mmm, bagel. I'm jealous :)

    Hoping you get a sale soon. I'm sure someone will buy something soon, you do have some really cute items.


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